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With competition in the marketplace steadily increasing many business owners are harnessing the speed and reach capabilities that social media platforms offer to promote their services. One of these social media tools is Internet Radio – an amazing way to communicate your brand message to a global audience.

Here are five reasons why launching (or being interviewed on) an Online Radio show should be an integral part of your brand communication and social networking strategies.

1.  Unlike traditional radio stations, online radio shows are far more focused in the topic they cover so will have a highly targeted audience who are more likely to be interested in what you have to say. I currently co-host an Online Radio show – Career Success Radio, covering everything about the world of work so our audience are individuals who are serious about their careers and are therefore interested in the guests we have on the show.

2.  Online radio not only streams live on the internet when the show is running, but is also recorded as a podcast with an ongoing lifespan through being accessible on iTunes, iPhones and other similar technologies. So, unlike traditional radio, your interview is recorded and can be accessed and heard over and over by new subscribers and fans. Currently, Career Success Radio has over 75 podcasts, which have been downloaded over 42,000 times from listeners in over 100 countries.

3.  Being interviewed by Online Radio shows is a fantastic way to elevate your status as an expert. Many Online Radio shows will give you access to the recordings, so a great way to create a buzz about you, your brand and your expertise is to include snippets of the interview in your newsletters, on your website and your blog.

4.  Online radio provides a great platform for you to create interest and excitement around your topic of expertise through being able to interact with listeners. When our show is streaming live we provide our listeners with multiple ways to connect with us and our guests, which includes ringing in live; interacting through our online chat room; or connecting with us on Twitter. 

5.  Often following the structure of a talk-back radio show, online radio provides a wonderful platform for you to showcase your expertise with listeners. Remember, the best way to connect with the audience (and have them wanting to learn more) is to offer a solution to their problem, rather than blatantly sounding like an advertorial for your services.

Here’s to communicating and elevating your brand through online radio!

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Annemarie Cross, Small Business Marketing & Business Success Coach

Welcome! I work with purpose-driven coaches and consultants who struggle with their marketing and getting new clients, and who feel undervalued and underpaid - by helping them to create meaningful marketing messages that attracts new clients who pay them what they are worth so they can double or triple their results and finally build the business and life of their dreams.

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Hi, I’m Annemarie Cross.

I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs (who struggle with their marketing, getting new clients & who feel undervalued & underpaid) create meaningful marketing messages that attracts new clients who pay them what they're worth so they can double (or triple) their results AND finally build the business & life of their dreams.

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