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Common Money, Marketing & Mindset Mistakes that can cripple your business growth and prevent you from becoming a sought-after Authority in your Industry


Money Boost: The System & Model that’ll take you from Underpaid Commodity to Highly Paid Authority


Marketing Boost: Must-Do Strategies Stand Out, Be Heard AND Become an Industry Thought Leader


Mindset Boost: 3 Crucial Shifts to go from Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) to finally have the business, lifestyle AND freedom you’ve been working SO hard for!

Who is  Annemarie Cross?

Annemarie Cross is known as ‘The Podcasting Queen.’

However, prior to work in the podcasting space, Annemarie’s background has been in the area of personal branding, marketing and communications, initially in the career industry, working with Executives and Professionals, and later within the business world, supporting coaches and consultants.

In fact, it is the principles, practices and processes that Annemarie teaches in this Mastermind and her other programs that has enabled her to become known as a Thought Leader across both those industries.

Having won multiple awards, being a sought-after speaker and educator, Author of: Ace That Interview – Cutting-Edge Interview Techniques EXPOSED!, and more recently: Industry Thought Leader: How to Go From Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) with a Podcast, and contributing author of numerous of Career titles, as well as sitting on an International Board of Resume Writing Certification Experts and a Judging Panel for the world’s highest echelon in Resume Writing Awards – the TORI awards (of which she has won several herself over the years) she continues to share what she’s learned and implemented over her two decades in business.

While Annemarie loves to educate and empower her clients – she is not just an educator, but is a practioner through and through. She practices what she preaches – even today in her business and wouldn’t expect her clients to do anything she hasn’t learned and/or implemented herself.

Because she knows what she teaches – works!

By working with Annemarie and implementing the Money, Marketing and Mindset principles she teaches – clients have doubled and even tripled their results, been paid to speak nationally and internationally, won awards and continue to position themselves as Authorities in their fields.

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