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Are you positioned as an influential Trusted Authority to Build Visibility, Generate Leads, and Enrol Dream Clients with ease for your coaching business? Take the Quiz.

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Want to build visibility with a podcast? But you’re not sure where to start? Or, whether you have everything in place? Take the ‘Are You Ready To Launch?’ Quiz!

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How to Be Distinguishable, Uncopyable & Irresistible Masterclass – even in a crowded marketplace for Coaches & Consultants

Learn How To:


Build Visibility & Reach as an Influential Trusted Authority


Build Strong Relationships to Build & Nurture Leads into Clients


Get Paid What You’re Worth (Money Mindset & Self-Worth)

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The Influence Alliance Membership for Coaches/Consultants

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Work With Me Privately

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90-day ‘Idea to LAUNCH’ your Podcast Immersive Program

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Core Business Foundations Immersive Program

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Success Stories

Higher-Level Clients, Projects & Opportunities

“The Core Business Foundations Program gives you the confidence to know what you need to focus on and what level of ‘hustle’ you need to do.

Previously in my business I was hustling 80% of my working hours. Marketing, putting out content. Everything else was 20%. Today, after going through the Core Business Foundations Program I am hustling 10% of the time and I’m spending 90% creating value and serving clients.

I’m getting more bulk projects – not one or two short-term projects but six-month programs along with higher level clients, projects, and opportunities. So, no longer am I feeling depleted and exhausted trying to get clients. 

Kashmira Mody – Transformation Coach

I tripled my income!

“I owned two businesses but was struggling to make an income and was feeling unappreciated and undervalued for the expertise I was offering.

Annemarie’s program transformed my business. In fact, because of her program I ended up creating a whole new business. I am working with clients I love and am loving every minute.

The big “aha” moment for me was realising that I had expertise worth sharing and to give myself permission to step into my own brilliance. Too many women undervalue themselves. Never again for me.

My business is booming – I have tripled my income, have attracted paid speaking opportunities across the country, and have been nominated and shortlisted for 4 major awards. I WILL NEVER undervalue myself again.”

Cas McCullough

I doubled my income in 3 months!

“I was struggling to focus on where I wanted to be in my business and to understand why I did things the way I did and was not being successful. I knew I had a lot to offer people but was floundering.

After working with Annemarie, I doubled my income in 3 months, have increased my confidence considerably, and now know (and believe) I can create the financial future I want!”

An added bonus from this was that I also came to understand my husband’s relationship with money better and this has led to us being more in accord about various financial decisions.”

Ingrid Perri – The Happiness Coach

A Pivotal Turning Point in my Business!

“Having worked with business coaches and marketing experts in the past, I would highly recommend working with Annemarie Cross.

This last 12 months has been a pivotal turning point in putting strategy behind my business, understanding and working with my own strengths and weaknesses and understanding the importance of having a vision and both short and long term goals.

Annemarie’s commitment to her clients is second to none, providing informational webinars and regular Q & A sessions. She goes above and beyond and has a wealth of information from many years of experience, which she is more than willing to share.”

Carolyn Moes, Spending Planner, Co-Host: Succeed with Money Podcast


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