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Success Stories

I tripled my income!

“I owned two businesses but was struggling to make an income and was feeling unappreciated and undervalued for the expertise I was offering.

Annemarie’s program transformed my business. In fact, because of her program I ended up creating a whole new business. I am working with clients I love and am loving every minute.

The big “aha” moment for me was realising that I had expertise worth sharing and to give myself permission to step into my own brilliance. Too many women undervalue themselves. Never again for me.

My business is booming – I have tripled my income, have attracted paid speaking opportunities across the country, and have been nominated and shortlisted for 4 major awards. I WILL NEVER undervalue myself again.”

Cas McCullough

I doubled my income in 3 months!

“I was struggling to focus on where I wanted to be in my business and to understand why I did things the way I did and was not being successful. I knew I had a lot to offer people but was floundering.

After working with Annemarie, I doubled my income in 3 months, have increased my confidence considerably, and now know (and believe) I can create the financial future I want!”

An added bonus from this was that I also came to understand my husband’s relationship with money better and this has led to us being more in accord about various financial decisions.”

Ingrid Perri – The Happiness Coach


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