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90-Day Idea to Launch

Your Podcast Immersive Program

Are you ready to:

  • Share your message in a much bigger way (so you can make a much bigger impact), with a much larger audience, while be able to engage with them in a much deeper way so you build know, like and trust from the very first time they hear your message?
  • Learn how to create a steady stream of ideal clients from your very first podcast, while continue to nurture listeners into leads (and ultimately into paying customers) with integrity and ease?
  • Become a sought after authority in your industry, while continue to attract opportunities and ideal clients who you love to work with?

Podcasting With Purpose 90-Day ‘Idea to LAUNCH’ your Podcast Immersive Program will show you how.

[Note: click on the ‘Learn More’ button below below and you’ll be taken to our Podcast Training website to find out more about this 90-Day immersive program where we will help you take your podcast from idea to LAUNCHED!].

Become an Influential Interviewer so you can Stand Out, Be Heard

AND Become an Authority in Your Industry

  • Have you started a podcast (or are thinking about starting a podcast) as you’ve heard it’s a great way to build exposure for your business – but you’re not sure where to start in terms of preparing your guest, setting the stage for a great interview, interviewing techniques, etc;
  • You’ve already interviewed guests, however you’re not happy with the results, and you want to turn this around;
  • You want to build up your interviewing skills so you can better communicate with your guest, while be able to come up with just the right question at just the right time, while be able to manag the interview professionally right through to the show outro.

I’ve put everything I’ve learned over the last decade (plus) in podcasting and interviewing guests along with over two decades in brand and communications within this course.

Learn everything you need to know so you too can develop and enhance your interviewing skills and techniques to create a podcast (or podcast series) that will ‘WOW’ your audience AND generate the results you’ve been dreaming about.

[Note: click on the ‘Learn More’ button below below and you’ll be taken to our Interview Training website to find out more about the course].

Core Business Foundations Immersive Program: Build a  Profitable & Scalable business

Frustration, uncertainty, and lack of confidence is not what you should be feeling when thinking about your business.

Perhaps you’re a newly certified coach and at the beginning stages of building your coaching/consulting practice but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you’re bringing years of corporate experience into your coaching/consulting business but don’t know the best way to showcase your diverse expertise into a succinct and compelling message? 

Or, you’ve been in business for a while but you’re not generating the visibility you’d like, nor are you signing up as many clients as you’d like.

In fact: ’The world’s best kept secret’ – perfectly describes you.

Either way, you’re asking yourself: “How do consultants and coaches build a profitable and scalable business?” 

It starts with your Core Business Foundations.

WELCOME! Core Business Foundations Immersive Program supports you in getting your business foundations in place so you can build profitable and scalable business.

[Note: click on the ‘Learn More’ button below below and you’ll be taken to our Business & Career training website – Industry Thought Leader Academy to find out more about this program where we will help you get your Core Business Foundations into place].

Breakthrough Your Money Dramas:
Your Pathway to more Confidence, Clients & Cash

Do you lay awake at night worrying about money? Or, wonder what’s stopping you from making more money – despite all of your hard work?

You’re not alone!  Entrepreneurs and small business owners – just like you struggle with the same issues around money.

Wonder if there’s a way to solve your money problems – once and for all?  There is!

[Note: click on the ‘Learn More’ button below below and you’ll be taken to our Business & Career training website to find out more about the course].

Powerful Resumes:
6 Crucial Writing Strategies to  Secure That Interview

ATTENTION EXECUTIVES & PROFESSIONALS! Want to maximise your chances of snaring that interview by making yourself irresistible to a potential employer with your resume?

Powerful Resumes: 6 crucial writing strategies to Secure that Interview! Course, shows you how to create a powerful marketing tool that will allow you to outshine your competitors and catapult your application to the top of the pile.

[Note: click on the ‘Learn More’ button below below and you’ll be taken to our Business & Career training website to find out more about the course].


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