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by Annemarie Cross

90-Day  ‘Idea to Launch’ Premium Packages

Industry Thought Leader
Podcast Platform

Do you feel like the world’s  best-kept secret?

You have a wealth and depth of experience and knowledge that has been developed, nurtured and honed to a level of excellence and skill that can only be achieved through years of hard work.

However, what’s frustrating is that people with a fraction of your knowledge and experience are being booked for speaking gigs and opportunities and are enrolling high-paying clients – which is what you’ve been working so hard for, yet have been unable to achieve?

This package is the perfect choice and involves the production of your podcast series as well as the production, publishing and promotion of your ongoing show.

Thought Leader
Podcast Series

Is your goal to build your visibility and reach, while position yourself as an Authority in your field? However, you’re not sure whether you’re ready to do an ongoing podcast?

Plus, you not only want to work with Annemarie’s guidance and support, however also have hear help you plan, produce, and launch your very own Thought Leader Series that’ll enable you to position yourself as an Authority in your field, while continue to build know, like and trust as you nurture your ideal client from listener to lead and ultimately paying customer?

Our Thought Leader Podcast Series is for you!

Your Thought Leader
Podcast Consulting

Want to build your visibility and reach, position yourself as an Authority in your field, while define and implement a clear strategy that’ll enable you to nurture listeners to leads and ultimately paying customers, right from your first episode?

Get your Thought Leader Podcast launched under Annemarie’s expert guidance and support.


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