Key Business Building Strategies – How many are you doing?

Are you struggling to build a strong reputation in the market place, attract more clients and generate a level of income that is aligned with the value you offer?

This is the second part of a two-part article series where I’m sharing 10 marketing and business building tips that will help you get known in the market place, get more clients AND get paid what you’re worth.

Here are the first 5 marketing and business building tips.

In this week’s article I share the next 5 tips. See how many you’re currently doing:

Business Building Strategy 6: Celebrity: Build  Popularity

There’s no better way to boost your profile than by securing exposure on t.v., radio or print. But don’t just rely on traditional publicity. An interview with a blogger, podcast host and/or TV host (with a YouTube channel) is another great way to build your celebrity

  • Are you media ready? Is your bio, pictures/images and overview of what you do, current?
  • Are you regularly sharing relevant, inspiring and helpful information that showcases your knowledge that a media representative can easily find should they be looking for an expert to interview?
  • Have you sought out influential media representatives in your industry and set a goal of getting on their radar?

Business Building Strategy 7: Leveragability: Build Momentum

To avoid content creation burnout, think about leveraging existing content (i.e. articles, tweets, posts, webinars etc) as part of ongoing content and program development. A webinar recording can be sold as a standalone product. And, if you include some templates and a workbook you can to create a homestudy program that you can sell over and over again.

  • As you continue to create content, think about how you can leverage it to build momentum.
  • Go back to some of your old articles and see how you can leverage content into new articles, posts or even an ebook.
  • Can you create a homestudy program by packaging some of your existing recordings?

Business Building Strategy 8: Expandibility: Build Team

There are only so many hours a day and if you’re not building a team to support you, there’s no way you’ll be able to continue to expand and grow your business, while retain your sanity.

  • Are you still trying to do everything yourself? Stop!
  • Make sure the tasks you’re working on are the activities that require your expertise AND will get you closer to your ideal client and revenue.
  • Outsource the rest, or at least take the steps you need to start building your support team.

Business Building Strategy 9: Retainability: Build Ambassadors

It has often been said that it will cost you more money to find a new client than it will to up sell an existing client into one of your higher end programs.

One of my clients has been able to build a few key ambassadors for her business. These are existing clients who love her work and what she stands for. Not only do they continue to work with her – they also continue to promote her services by telling anyone and everyone they know about her.

  • Have you identified the qualities and characteristics of your ideal ambassador so you can actively seek out and recognise him/her?
  • Are you remembering to dedicate time to spend on nurturing your existing client relationships or have you been too busy on getting new clients?
  • Do you have reward and recognition program in place? Do you continue to nurture client and key stakeholder relationships so that people feel so special they cannot help but tell others about you?

Business Building Strategy 10: Sustainability: Build Longevity

As you continue to build your business it’s important that you have the right systems and processes in place that will help you create long-term value for both your customers, staff and other key stakeholders.

  • Are you regularly monitoring your client base and the needs of your ideal client to ensure your service and product offerings are still relevant?
  • Do you constantly look at ways of making your products/services even better by expanding your offerings and support?
  • Are you keeping current with industry innovations and identifying how your business can harness these to ensure you don’t become obsolete?

Business Building

So there you have it, 10 marketing and business building tips to build a thriving business.

Remember, just because you may have worked on any (or all) of these areas in your business, don’t think you no longer have to worry about them. It’s vital to constantly monitor and work on each of these areas.

Remember to keep an eye out for our next article where I’ll show you 10 simple and effective ways you can work on tip one, which is to boost your credibility.

Until then let me know which of the above tips you are already doing? How have they helped you grow your business? Which do you see are missing I your business? What action will you take to ensure you incorporate these into your business? Go ahead and share your comments – it’s always great to hear from you!


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