A question I’m often asked is:  “Annemarie – how can I expand my reach and get more clients?”

Is that something you’re struggling with too? [You’re in luck – as it is a topic I love to Tweet about.]

So, if you have amazing products and services, yet no-one really knows about you and you continue to struggle with how to ‘get more clients’, here are some of the recent tweets I shared with my twitter followers:

  1. #GetMoreClients by devising a solid marketing plan that includes online and offline activities. Then take action!
  2. #GetMoreClients by setting aside time to work on business building activities – not admin tasks that should be outsourced.
  3. #GetMoreClients by having a strong call to action & free offer on yr site that encourages people to give u their contact details.
  4. #GetMoreClients by engaging with your followers. Not responding to comments or no interaction with yr community is unwise.
  5. #GetMoreClients by building a strong #brand that clearly communicates value to your target market.
  6. #GetMoreClients by having a clearly defined target market and being able to easily describe your target audience & their needs/issues.
  7. #GetMoreClients by constantly being on-brand & remaining professional in all your online and offline dealings/interactions.
  8. #GetMoreClients by regularly creating/sharing articles, blogs & videos to  showcase your knowledge and expertise.
  9. #GetMoreClients by understanding what tasks deplete your energy and outsourcing these so you can work on tasks that energise you.
  10. #GetMoreClients leveraging your expertise to create value-added products & building a revenue stream that doesn’t require yr time.

What do you think? Were these helpful? Which is your favourite? Which are you doing already? Which ones will you try? Let me know – I always love to hear from my readers. And, remember to Like, Tweet and Share this with your community. I’d really appreciate it!

Stay inspired!


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