Want to know the one thing I’ve been struggling with for as long as I can remember? [I can’t believe I’m being so transparent!]excuses

My weight.

In my younger years as a teenager and young adult, it was so much easier to manage. I was involved in sports, loved to exercise, and because I grew up on a farm (with animals to care for and horses to exercise) meant I was very active on a daily basis.

Then came marriage, four children, obligations and a myriad of other ‘excuses’ that had me in a yo-yo cycle: the cycle of being mindful of my food, exercising regularly and feeling great, to the opposite extreme (where I ate anything and didn’t exercise), and everything in between. ARRGGHH!!!

In my work as a business coach I see a similar scenario occurring with entrepreneurs.

Some of them are doing extremely well; others continue to struggle; and then you have those who are in between and constantly battling the feast and famine cycle.

I know for me that when I’m achieving my health and wellness goals – these are the times that I’ve invested in myself and hired a coach/personal trainer.

Someone who is specialized in the area of health and wellness to provide me with the right guidance, keeps me focused on the right steps, and keeps me accountable to every single action I need to take.

And the times I’m not successful have been when I’m trying to go it alone – not having a coach to support me or keep me accountable, so that my typical excuses can slowly creep in and prevent me from achieving my goals.

These excuses are the same excuses I hear entrepreneurs make.

The exact excuses that keep them stuck from investing in themselves so they can finally stand out in the crowd, get more clients, and get paid what they’re worth.

Here they are – do you recognise any?

1. Now is not the right time – I’ll do it later

Each and every day counts. Waiting is only delaying you from achieving success, because you’re not taking the right action steps you need to take to be getting you closer to your goal.

And, when we’re talking about your business, that’s money you’re leaving on the table!

2. I’m not ready

So, when will you be ready?

If we’re really honest with ourselves, the things that come up for us and the reason why we’re putting ourselves ‘on-hold’ for – will always be there. We could think of a myriad of reasons why we’re not ready.

In my situation, the reason I may not have been ready could have been because of a dinner party, a wedding, or some other event where I knew there would be lots of ‘not-so-healthy temptations. “I’ll be ready after I’ve attended that event.”

Again, every day you wait, is another day you’re NOT working on the right steps AND it’s money you’re leaving on the table.

3. I need to think about it

This would have to be the biggest dream-/goal-crushing excuse of them all, because if we’re honest with ourselves ‘thinking about it’ is NOT getting us any closer to our goal.

And, it makes it much easier for us to put it on the back burner to the point where we end up doing nothing and remaining stuck.

Sadly, entrepreneurs who are 10 out of 10 (or even higher) when they’re asked “How serious are you about growing a successful business” – these excuses still keep them stuck.

Similarly with me, even though I was a ‘20 out of 10’ in wanting to achieve my weight goals – these same old excuses kept me stuck.

NOT anymore.

Thankfully over the last five week I’ve been working with a Health & Wellness Coach, am regularly exercising, and eating the right foods.

With her support and guidance, I’m taking the right steps, am already feeling remarkably healthier, and am totally focused and committed to achieving my health goals.

Want to know what changed for me?

Two KEY things.

I made a decision and I took action.

I made the decision that NOW was the right time.

I was ready NOW to move forward, and thinking/dreaming about my goals was no longer an option for me. NOW was my time.

So I took action and hired my coach who I knew would show me the right steps and keep me accountable on my journey. And, she has.

What about you in your business.

Are these same excuses showing up for you and keeping you stuck in a feast and famine cycle? Do you long to become known as the go-to person in your field, raise your fees, get more clients, and get paid what you’re worth?

So what’s stopping you?

Is NOW the time you need to decide and take action so you can finally create the business of your dreams doing what you love?

You betcha it is.

Just like me, all you need to do is decide and take action.

NOW is YOUR time!

Let’s talk! First session (my Business Breakthrough Strategy Session) is on me!


I’m off to do my morning routine exercise

I can’t wait to speak with you!


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