You’ve just set up a new Facebook page (and product, which you are promoting for less than $20).Business Coaching: Balancing Business for Women Entrepreneurs

And, you’re full of enthusiasm and passion when you think about all the people you’re going to be able to support.

Within just a few days – you’ve got hundreds of people who have joined your community (through Liking you page), many of whom have shared your page with their friends.

BUT you didn’t make any sales.


Has this happened to you?

Before you’re tempted to write this off as a complete failure because you didn’t make any sales – there are 3 very important lessons you need to consider so you can retain your enthusiasm and passion and move forward positively.

Lesson 1: Celebrate Your Successes

The fact that you received hundreds of Likes within a few short days HAS to be celebrated.

These people are now part of your community, and are probably very interested in what you have to say and share.

Now that you have their attention, it’s important for you to strengthen and deepen your relationship with them.

Remember, people have only just met you and are probably just familiarizing themselves with your work. And, often people invest in products/solutions they need from suppliers they know, like and trust.

Your goal now is to continue building and deepening your relationship with them. [See Lesson 3 for some ideas on what to do next].

In the meantime:

  • Celebrate your success – big or small! They are all getting you closer to your goals!

 Lesson 2: Identify What Worked Well

Make a note of the strategies you implemented to get hundreds of Likes and dozens of shares. You’ll want to keep doing these things so you continue to grow your community.

  • What steps did you take?
  • What received the most response?
  • What words/phrases did you use that prompted people to share your page with their community?

Keep doing these things to continue building your community of people who could be your ideal clients, referral partners or even joint venture partners!

Lesson 3: Moving Forward – Positively!

These people are now part of your community.

Now you need to continue interacting with them and sharing helpful information so you can build your credibility, deepen your relationship, and continue to build key ‘know, like and trust’ factors with them.

And, most important of all – ensure you have a strategy in place that encourages people to visit your website to get on your list, so they can them become part of your “Keep-In-Touch” system. This could include a regular, informative newsletter.

  • What posts/information will you share on your page that sparks interaction and conversation with your community?
  • How often will you post/share? Remember that consistency is key!
  • What will you share with your community that is so compelling that it will have people racing over to your website to get onto your list? What’s your irresistible offer?

Building a successful business takes time and it all starts with developing strong relationships with people in your community.

How will you continue deepening your relationships with your community? Are you following a strategy that has worked well? Go ahead and share – it’s always great to hear from you!


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