Ever get to the point in your business where you feel like throwing your hands up in the air through sheer desperation?Missing link

No matter what you’ve tried, you just can’t take your business to the next level?

  • You’ve scoured the internet and have read everything you can from dozens of business blogs;
  • You’re following a number of business gurus and have implemented the things they are doing and that they have advised;
  • You’re subscribed to various newsletters by ‘people in the know’ so you can keep on top of the things they recommend…and the list goes on.

But, you’re still struggling to attract more clients – especially clients who value your expertise and are willing to pay you what you’re worth.

Sound familiar?

If it does – you’re not alone.

In my work with clients I have identified three things that are often missing that can often be the reason why many ambitious entrepreneurs find it hard to take their business to the next level.

The three missing links are:

  1. Clarity
  2. Confidence
  3. Connection

Let’s look at each one more closely:

1. Clarity:

If I was your ideal client and were to read your blog posts, newsletter and social media posts – is the information you are providing going to give me a sense of who you are, your expertise and how you can support me?

Is this information you share so clear and focused that I immediately sense that YOU are exactly what I need AND how you can help me?

Unfortunately the reason why you may not be attracting your ideal client is because the message you’re portraying is vague and unclear, leaving people confused.

Action step: Get clear on what you want to become known as; what makes you unique; and how you’re going to distinguish yourself in the market place with clarity so you speak directly to the needs and desires of your ideal client.

2. Confidence:

You can have the best program to support your clients, a clear idea of where you want to take your business, a solid marketing plan in place to get your message out, however without a healthy level of confidence and the right mindset to support you – it can still be a struggle so that you end up disappointed with your dreams still unrealized.

Is your lack of confidence jeopardizing your results?

Does the thought of standing up and standing up freak the heck out of you to the point where you end up hiding out and staying in your comfort zone?

Are you passionate about what you stand for and how you want to help your ideal client, however the thought of being seen out in the market place and opening yourself up to comment and possible criticism (i.e. the Tall Poppy Syndrome) keep you playing small?

Action step: Make a commitment to start working on increasing your confidence. Watch www.TheSelfBeliefMovie.com now and write down all of the ‘aha’s’ you learned and want to remind yourself of.

3. Connection:

It can take multiple communications with a prospective buyer before he/she say ‘Yes’ to your services.

And, according to numerous sales and marketing professionals that number can double in a declining economy.

Do you have a ‘Keep in Touch’ system that allows you to connect with and remain in their world so that when they’re ready to make a commitment – you’re the person they think of?

A weekly or fortnightly newsletter, regular blog posts/articles, tips and resources shared across various social media sites – could be things you are doing to connect and build relationships and key ‘know, like and trust’ factors with your prospective clients.

Action step: Think ‘Connection’. If you don’t have a Keep in Touch strategy in place – get one started today!

There you have it – Clarity, Confidence and Connection: three things you want to have in place if you want to smash through your glass ceiling. Are you ready?

Speaking of Smashing through your glass ceiling – have you booked your seat to the upcoming Smashing The Glass Ceiling Telesummit.

I have scoured the globe and have hand-picked 18 business experts to share their wisdom and expertise across Money, Marketing & Mindset and to help you develop the clarity, confidence and connection too.

I do hope you will join me!

Here’s preview interview with one of the guest speakers:


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