Does your money mindset prevent you from getting paid what you’re worth?money mindset

Picture this.

You’re in your office and have just answered the phone, with the voice on the other end asking:

“ Hi, I’m just enquiring about your services. How much do you charge?”


If you’re anything like me several years ago in my career consulting business, that question has just caused your throat to go dry and your mind blank.

Talk about feeling awkward and being tongue-tied.

I was out of my depth – big time.

I felt so uncomfortable that I even began to dread the sound of the phone ringing. The thought of having another sales conversation where I’d be put through the third degree to justify my prices – was just plain Scary (with a Capital ‘S’).

Fast forward to today and thankfully I can say that speaking with a prospect and having that sales conversation is something I’m much more comfortable in doing.

I wrote about the process I use when speaking to a prospect in my article: 3 simple yet powerful steps to address that dreaded “so what do you charge?” question which I’m sure you’ll find helpful too.

However, for long lasting positive changes so you can go into any sales conversation with confidence and certainty, you’ll want to address the beliefs and mindset you have around the topic of sales (money and your self-worth).

One of my favorite sayings is: Change your mindset; change your outcome.

And the outcome in this case is more sales. Does more sales sound good? [I hope (and assumed) you answered ‘YES’!]

To become more comfortable in having a sales conversation you’re going to have to address any disempowering beliefs around money and the services you offer.


Because your beliefs create a self-fulfilling proficiency, and any disempowering beliefs you have around sales (and money) will stop you from reaching your income and business goals.

Have a look at this diagram and read (clockwise) each of the statements.

Money Mindset

You’ll notice how the belief “I’m not worthy” can impact your thoughts and the actions you take (or don’t take in some cases). This impacts your ability to communicate with your prospect and ends up with he/she not making a purchase. Which leads to you confirm your belief to be true that “I’m not worthy.”

One of my mentors once told me: “You will seek out the evidence you need to confirm your belief is true,” which this diagram shows.

Pretty powerful stuff, yes?

Here are three of the most common money mindsets (beliefs) around selling that keep many service-based entrepreneurs stuck and unable to reach 6 (or even 7 figure) businesses.

Recognize any?

Unhelpful Money Mindset 1: All sales people are evil

Really? ALL of them? That’s a pretty big generalization isn’t it?

I probably would have agreed with you if you were talking about a car salesperson.

However last week I purchased a previously owned 1-year old car. The sales person my husband and I dealt with was extremely personable.

He told me that his reputation and his business was on the line each time a car drove out of the lot, so the vehicles he represented were all mechanically sound.

If they weren’t – he wouldn’t take them on.

“The cars I represent – sell themselves,” was his motto.

After doing a little homework about the model of the car and taking it for a test drive – both my husband and I felt comfortable with making the decision to purchase it.

No pushy sale tactics here.

Now I know there are some pushy, underhanded sales representatives out there.

However just because they choose to operate that way, doesn’t mean you have to.

You can choose NOT to be dishonest or pushy but rather provide honest, high level service to your prospect as they continue to find out more about your products and services.

Unhelpful Money Mindset 2: If they say ‘no’ – it means I’m a failure

Hearing a ‘no’ to your proposal doesn’t mean that you are not worthy of being hired, nor does it mean you are a failure.

I’m going to repeat that because it’s important you understand and believe it:

Hearing a ‘no’ to your proposal doesn’t mean that you are not worthy of being hired, nor does it mean you are a failure.

THEY may not be ready ‘yet’ to make a decision. So it’s important to be there when they are.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Meridith Elliot Powell (sales extraordinaire) on my podcast – the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show. She explained that it could take between 8 to 12 touches (communications) before someone came to a decision to invest in you. And, in a shifting economy, it could take twice that amount.

This may have been the first time your prospect has reached out to someone, so they are still in the early stages of their decision-making. This may also be the very first time they have heard of you or spoken to you, so have not had the opportunity to get to know, like and trust you yet.

It’s up to you to now nurture the relationship.

Make sure you have a keep-in-touch system in place so that you can continue to strategically and intentionally remain top of mind with your prospect.

Then, when your prospect is ready to make a decision – YOU are the person he/she contacts.

Unhelpful Money Mindset: There’s no way they’ll pay that amount

Presupposing what your prospect will or won’t pay is often clouded by our self-judgment.

And, as many of us are really good at devaluing our strengths and talents (be honest here) – of course it means that we’ll assume our clients can’t or won’t pay us what we’re worth.

A few years ago in my career consultancy, I was speaking to a prospect about one of my higher end packages.

I’d told him what the package included, explained the outcomes several of my other clients had achieved, and confirmed the benefits he could expect through investing in my services.

I then stated my price (which was a few thousand dollars) – and held my breath.

“Great! If I pay today, how soon can we get started?” was his response.

He didn’t flinch at all and wanted to pay me on the spot.

So, if I had originally presumed that he could not or would not pay me what I was worth, I would have been tempted to lower my prices.

Thank goodness I didn’t.

  • Stick firm to your prices.
  • Create a list of your package and relevant pricing and have it close at hand so that you can read the information straight off the page when speaking to a prospect.

Remember, this information is just information if you don’t take action. [In fact these money mindsets are 3 ways you are leaking money out of your business. Find out what the other 30-odd money leaks are here in my free Money Leaks Report.

What actions are you going to take this week to start shifting your unhelpful money mindset so that you can grow your business to a 6- (or 7-figure) business?

I encourage you to continue working on changing these beliefs so that you can finally break through the income barrier and starting charging appropriately for the amazing services you deliver your clients.

After all, you’re worth it aren’t you?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below. It’s always nice to hear from you!

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