Last week I attended a local women’s business network.
self belief
They were having their annual conference and had asked me to present a workshop on how their members could boost their credibility, visibility and hireability online – something that many of them had been struggling with.

Listening to the general conversation during the networking breaks andother presentations, it became clear that many of the 40-odd women had feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt when it came to their businesses.

It was heartbreaking to hear so many women (with amazing gifts and talents), holding themselves back because of theirlack of confidence.

Self-doubt, low confidence and a lack of self-worth, can and will cripple your business’s growth.

I know, as it crippled me for years.

My lack of confidence in my talents stopped me from getting out there and promoting my business, which meant I wasn’t getting my message out to my ideal client and not supporting the people who needed my help.

Thankfully, by investing in and working with an amazing coach and mentor I was able to tame my inner critic, and I’m glad to say that she visits less often and when she does, I know exactly how to handle her. Thank goodness.

Now, when working with clients, I can see the same doubts and fears that I once struggled with – crippling them in their businesses.

Here are these amazing women with incredible gifts and talents to support their clients, however their self-doubt, self-criticism and lack of self-worth stop them from sharing their message in a powerful way.  So, no one can appreciate just how incredible these women really are.

What about you?

Do people know just how incredible you are? Can they see the awesome benefits you can help them achieve through working with you?

Or does your self-doubt, self-criticism and low self-worth continue to feed your inner critic so she’s there continually telling you the opposite – that people won’t see the value you offer; that they won’t invest in you; and that you’ll never reach the level of success that you dream about every single day?

If you can relate – then I have a very special gift.

I created this very special message – just for you.

Click play and watch it right to the end – OK?!

Remember: You ARE worthy; you ARE amazing; you ARE appreciated…

Is NOW, your time? I hope you responded with a loud “YES!!!”

Please help me share this very important message by Liking and Sharing with your networks – I really appreciate it!


What do you think? Do you recognise any of these self-belief barriers? What’s one action that you can take today to help you break through this barrier? Set your intention by telling me in the comment box below. It’s always great to hear from you.


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