Are you constantly marketing your services and keeping in contact with your list however you’re just not getting the number of people you’d like signing up for your programs? Frustrated because you continue to struggle to reach your income goals? At your wits end?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ – I can sympathise with you. As can many of my clients.

Just a few years ago – I too was frustrated and confused. Despite all my efforts – I just couldn’t break through my income barriers.

One of the things I have learned (and now share with my clients) is that the reason I was struggling to generate the income I desired went much deeper than marketing and other business development strategies. The reason I wasn’t able to charge what I was worth had nothing to do with my abilities and the programs I was offering.

I was struggling because of my self-belief, self-worth AND beliefs I had around money. I call it my family’s money legacy. So up until a few years ago, the story that I had grown up with about money as a young child had been negatively impacting the income I was making (or in my case ‘not making’) in my business.

So what are your beliefs around money? What is your family’s money legacy? What are the stories you grew up with about money? Like me (and many of my clients) – could your beliefs also be the reason why you continue to struggle to reach your income goals?

Here are some common money beliefs. See how many you recognise.

  1. Money doesn’t buy happiness
  2. Money doesn’t grow on trees
  3. Filthy rich
  4. It’s difficult to keep money
  5. You have to work hard to earn a living
  6. All rich people are crooks
  7. Money is the root of all evil
  8. The cost of living keeps rising quicker than I can manage
  9. It’s a hard road to make a buck
  10. Spiritual people aren’t supposed to be rich
  11. Money and spirituality don’t mix
  12. It’s sinful to have a lot of money
  13. A penny saved is a penny earned
  14. It takes too much effort to earn money
  15. Money is dirty (dirty money)
  16. If I’m rich my children will grow up spoiled
  17. Being rich will stop you from getting to heaven
  18. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer

Perhaps you’re also able to relate to some of these self-worth and self-beliefs:

  1. I don’t deserve success
  2. I am an unworthy person
  3. I’ll become a greedy and untrustworthy person
  4. Money will change who I am and what I stand for
  5. If I want to be rich, I have to cheat and lie
  6. To be wealthy I have to sacrifice everything
  7. My parents always struggled with money so that means I will too
  8. I will never be wealthy / successful / rich
  9. I don’t have the qualifications therefore I’ll never make any real money
  10. I don’t have the strengths and talents to earn a good living
  11. I couldn’t possibly make that much

While you may be tempted to blame your parents (or other significant family members) for your beliefs around money, it’s important to realise that they did the best they could with the resources available to them. They may very well have been brought up with similar family legacies and therefore made the choices they did with the best of intentions for you.

Like the grandfather who always reminded you to “Save a penny because you never know when you may need it.” He didn’t say this to scare you. His intention for you was to ensure you were financially secure in case you needed it.

Or perhaps the grandmother who would always say “What’s the point of saving your money – they’ll only take it away from you anyway.” She had experienced a very difficult situation in her life and was doing the best she could. She didn’t mean for her comments to impact the way money was showing up in your life.

So, whatever your family money legacy and the story you grew up with (that’s impacting your life today) it’s vital to understand that you DO have a choice. You can choose whether or not you continue to allow these old and unhelpful money beliefs to impact your life. So what choice will you make?

To your money breakthroughs!


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