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Hi! This is Annemarie Cross, Branding, Money Breakthroughs and Business Coach helping solopreneurs get noticed, hired and paid what they’re worth.

Today’s biz nugget is all about “Leveraging your Time”.

Each and every one of us has a certain amount of hours that we can work everyday. [I certainly hope you’re not burning the candle at both ends, like many of my clients before they go through this process.]

The process I’m talking about is to help you get clear on what activities and tasks you should be focusing on to get you closest to the money.

While there may be other business activities which are important, like administration, bookkeeping, answering the phone etc– these should really be outsourced therefore allowing you to focus on revenue-generating tasks.

These revenue-generating things include: marketing, engaging with prospects, speaking at events, writing articles, developing and launching packages/programs, product development, creating videos or audio message – whatever it is to help you get your brand message in front of your prospect so that you can be top of mind with your ideal client.

So what activity were you working on prior to listening to this audio/reading this post?

Were you taking action on a task that is going to get you out in front of your ideal client? Or were you spending time procrastinating or avoiding these important activities? Or were you working on tasks you should be outsourcing?

What about if you were to look at what you were doing yesterday? Or what you had planned for later today or even tomorrow? Are all of these activities ‘revenue-generating’? Or can/should some of these be outsourced to a support team?

Remember, you’re not going to build a high five figure, six (or even seven figure) business if you’re doing your filing, bookkeeping and data-entry.

Hire yourself a support team today!

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Until next time, have a fantastic day and remember – stay inspired!


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