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Hi, everyone!

This is Annemarie Cross, Branding, Money Breakthroughs and Business Coach, helping solopreneurs get noticed, hired and paid what they’re worth.

Today, I spent an hour with my great group of ladies who are working through my Money Breakthroughs course. It was amazing to see them finally being able to break through money issues that had been keeping them stuck and unable to reach their income goals.

Are you struggling to reach your income goals? Yes? Well today’s tip is relevant for you and comes directly from the Money Breakthroughs program.

As an entrepreneur running a business it is important that you continue to stand in your power with money. When you don’t – it will impact your self-worth and definitely your net-worth too (i.e. money in your bank).

Unfortunately though, if we’re truly honest with ourselves, there are many ways where we don’t stand in our power with money in our business.

I call these ‘Money Leaks’ and in fact have come up with 32 different ways in my Money Leaks Report

Here are three:

  1. Not charging what you’re worth
  2. Not valuing the skills and the talents that you bring to your clients and not charging accordingly
  3. Discounting your services as the only way to make a sale

…and the list goes on

Not standing in your power with money can also relate to things that you tolerate in your business. Do any of these look familiar:

  • Making excuses for contractors/suppliers who aren’t delivering what they promised
  • Re-doing things your staff worked on because it had errors
  • Working with demanding clients that take up way too much of your time, are draining your energy and are not contributing their part of the coaching relationships

What ways do you recognise that you’re not standing in your power with money?

My coach’s request for you today is to make a commitment to yourself that you’re going to deal with whatever toleration or whatever situation is showing up in your business that is not having you stand in your power with money.

Think about what do you need to do to put a stop to this:

  • Do you need to increase your fees?
  • Do you need to fire your supplier and find one who is going to live up to the standard they promised?
  • Do you need to talk to your demanding client and pull them up on what they’re doing/not doing?
  • Tired of hitting your head against that income ceiling and ready to breakthrough it once and for all by enrolling in our next Money Breakthroughs Program?

Whatever the action step(s) you’ve identified – schedule it and follow it through, so that you can once and for all plug up those Money Leaks and stand in your power with money.

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Until next time, stay inspired


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