Attention: Women Entrepreneurs – how many of these business coaching tips do you need to implement to boost your productivity?

Guest Post: Erica Bell

Women entrepreneurs are often focused on balance. From the starting a business to friends to family and more, there are many aspects of a woman’s life, each requiring her attention. Women entrepreneursProductivity in business is difficult for any entrepreneur, including women, as there is so much that goes into getting a business off the ground. Here are 4 quick tips for staying productive in business.

Business Coaching Tip 1: Focus on “The Big Picture”

Instead of spending so much time focused on the minute details of each project, focus on the end result. Deadlines make us thrive, which is why college students often put off papers until the last minute and a number of adults pay bills right when they’re due. Focusing on the big picture will reduce the amount of time spent micro-managing the little things.

  • Deadlines for major projects, and not minor ones, will contribute to a more productive workday.
  • Streamline recurring tasks so you spend less time dealing with each responsibility individually and are able to more efficiently run your business.
  • Look to the outcome, not the output. Quality matters much more. Instead of focusing on the numbers, focus on the quality of your products, whether it’s a spreadsheet or handbag.

Business Coaching Tip 2: Say No

It’s okay to say “No” every now and then when things become overwhelming. When there are fewer action items on your plate, it’s easier to prioritize each for a better end result. If there is too much going on, projects may not be of the quality you were expecting when completed.

  • Next time someone asks you for something you really can’t spend adequate time dedicated to, politely say “no” and provide your coworker with an alternate option.
  • If you are the only one who can sign-off on a pitch or handle whatever has been presented, ask for a reasonable deadline for completion instead of trying to complete the task hastily.

Business Coaching Tip 3: Schedule Tasks by ROI

Prioritizing different responsibilities can become confusing, especially when deadlines coincide. Schedule your different tasks by the return on investment each will yield. If you look into the potential benefits and pitfalls that accompany each task and the time it takes for them to completed, you’ll find it easier to prioritize and schedule the different duties.

  • Determine what your end goal is with each task and whether or not having the item as a higher priority is the best option. Can one thing be delayed temporarily while you focus on other projects that yield a greater ROI?
  • You should schedule time for browsing the internet, taking a walk, or talking by the water cooler. When you set aside time for breaks, you can spend the rest of your time more focused and productive.

Business Coaching Tip 4: Organize Everything

Entrepreneurs and CEOs alike need to be organized. Whether it’s a weekly or daily list that helps you become more productive, make sure you’re organized. On average, each person wastes 4.3 hours per week shuffling papers. Reduce the amount of disorganized papers in your workspace to save valuable time that can be directed toward a more important aspect of your business.

  • Clear your desk of clutter and make sure files needed on a regular basis are within reach. File cabinets and folders are a few of the easiest ways to start organizing paperwork.
  • Set aside time for expected inbound calls and a different time for returning calls. By blocking off times for calls, you’ll have fewer distractions than if you were to answer and return every call throughout the day.

Women entrepreneurs need balance in their lives. Every entrepreneur is looking for a way to be more productive at work and home. By scheduling tasks, focusing on major projects, and better organizing files and responsibilities, productivity improvement is a snap. Don’t let the business plans overwhelm you! Schedule out time for breaks so you can stay focused and remain productive during the workday.

Author Bio: Erica Bell is a small business writer who focuses on topics such as how to start a small business and business planning. She is a web content writer for



What do you think? As a woman in business do you need to be more vigilant in each of these 4 areas? Which business coaching tip do you think will make the most impact to your productivity? Which business coaching tip will you implement first? Let me know! It’s always nice to hear from you and learn about what’s happening in your business!


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