Building visibility so you become a well respected and trusted authority in your field is something every coach and consultant should be doing on a daily basis. After all, how can you build a successful business doing what you love when no-one knows about you – right?!

I’m reminded of a saying my friend and Twitter Guru – Keith Keller will often share: “There’s no point in being a Mona Lisa in a paddock,”which is sadly what many passionate entrepreneurs experience (and struggle with) on a daily basis.

They have an incredible desire to support clients and have life-changing programs that can help people go from stuck to unstoppable, however are unable to support clients because no-one knows about them.

Debra Jason from The Write Direction asked if I would share my top three strategies I used in my business to boost my visibility so she could share this with her community.

So, if you’re feeling a little like A Mono Lisa in a paddock yourself I thought I’d share the three steps I follow every day as part of my visibility and authority building strategy.

These three steps have helped me build my visibility with tens of thousands of coaches and ambitious entrepreneurs worldwide, continues to secure me opportunities to speak at events and telesummits alongside other multi six- and seven-figure Industry Thought Leaders, and provides me with a regular stream of enquiries and new (and amazing) clients.

They can help you achieve that too!

Here are the three simple steps:

  1. Create content I know is of interest and benefit to  my ideal client;
  2. Communicate and share content with my community to build the ‘know, like and trust’ factors as well as build my reputation as a specialist who helps entrepreneurs get noticed, hired and paid what they’re worth;
  3. Seed and Lead which involves continuing to build relationships (both online and offline) while encouraging them to get on my list, as from there I have my ‘Connectability Strategy’, which enables me to deepen the relationships with my community.


If you’re someone that struggles with building your visibility, or you are very new in business, do NOT become alarmed when I share the list of what I do.

I love technology/social media and building visibility (whether it is my own or for a client) is something I’ve been doing for over two decades. I love it; I breathe it; and I’m always looking out for ways to build visibility for myself and my clients.

So, just like I tell my clients (when they’re embarking on their own visibility journey) -you need to take it ONE STEP AT A TIME.

Don’t try to do everything at once. You’ll become overwhelmed and an overwhelmed person says ‘no’ and gives up.

Instead, select one method, become familiar with it, and tweak/leverage it until you are comfortable with it and it’s working well for you.

Then, once you believe you have a solid understanding of this method and it’s working well for you only then, should you consider adding another method to your visibility strategy.

Now, let’s delve a little deeper into what each of these three steps involves:

Step One: Create

I LOVE creating content and for me turning off my ‘ideas faucet’ is often the challenge.

Here’s an overview of the typical content I create:

  • Article: One main article on a topic I know will help ambitious entrepreneurs get noticed, hired and paid what they’re worth;
  • Inspiring Quotes: While I love to share other inspiring quotes, I also love to write and share my own quotes. This can be on a topic about building a powerful irresistible brand (reputation); building visibility and standing out in the market place; or about creating an empowering money mindset so you can get paid what you’re worth.

 Step Two: Communicate

Once I create my content it’s important I share this with my community, otherwise how are they going to know about it – right?

Here are the main communication methods I use each week to share the content I have created with my community.

1.      My Newsletter – Diamond Insights

My newsletter is sent out to my database. I include the article that I’ve written for the week, a link to the latest podcast show, as well as sharing other events and news I know my community would be interested in.

Check out a copy of my newsletter here.

2.     Twitter- @AnnemarieCoach

Every day I have a number of tweets that is shared with my twitter community. Some of the tweets link back to an article, a podcast, or shares an inspirational quote.

Here are some of the snapshots:

Tweet Article

To share an article:

Tweet Podcast

To share a podcast:

Tweet Quote

To share an inspirational quote/tip:

3.      Facebook – Annemarie Cross Branding

I share a number of posts with my Facebook community throughout the day.

Here are some of the snapshots:

FB Article

To share an article

FB Podcast

To share a podcast

FB Quote

To share an inspirational quote/tip:

4.      Instagram – AnnemarieCoach

Instagram is another tool I really love and I regularly share content through this medium. [My Instagram links to Facebook and Twitter so every time I publish content, my Facebook and Twitter communities receive this automatically].

So, what am I sharing?

A photo of something that is happening during the course of my day, whether I’m in my studio producing a new podcast; out at a networking event; an inspirational quote – in fact, whatever I believe would be of interest to my community.

You can check out my previous posts here

Here’s what my Brand Communication Wheel currently looks like:

Communications Wheel

My Brand Communications Wheel


Step Three: Seed & Lead

Building visibility and authority using each of the techniques mentioned above is important.  However, so is building your list.

You’ll notice that one of my main strategies above is my newsletter which gets sent out to a list of people who I refer to as my Diamond Insights community.

How do I get people who are following me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram onto my newsletter?

By using my ‘Seed & Lead Strategy’, every day.

Why is this important?

Because when someone puts their hand up to become part of my Diamond Insights community, they’re now part of my world where I can now continue to deepen and strengthen my relationship with them.

How do I seed and lead?

By creating and sharing additional information (content) that I know my ideal client will want, and the only way they can access the information is in exchange for their contact details.

So, each week, I create posts (on Facebook), tweets (on Twitter), shout outs on my podcasts, to alert my community to the following resources and content:

Seed & Lead strategy

Here are some snapshots of my Seed & Lead strategy:

FB Seed & Lead 2

FB Seed & Lead

So, what do you think? Did this get your creative juices flowing?

What are you currently doing to boost your visibility? What will you start doing now as part of your visibility strategy? Go ahead and share!


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