Do you envy someone else’s business branding?

Have you ever looked at what someone else was doing in her business and felt envious?business branding

She’s magnetic; the information she shares is always spot-on; and the level of engagement on her blog and social media platforms is something you’ve dreamed about for as long as you can remember?

Go on – be honest!

I know I have. Especially when I was just starting out in my career business.

I had no idea about branding and the key foundations I had to put into place in order to build my own unique space in the market. And here were all these amazing women making a real mark in the industry and generating amazing results – even though they had similar qualifications and offered similar services as me?

How did they do it?

What were they doing that I wasn’t?

Thankfully, I put those unhelpful feelings aside and invested in a business coach/mentor for ongoing professional development.

My coach helped keep me focused on MY goals and looking forward to my goals and dreams, rather than constantly looking sideways and getting distracted by what other people were doing.

And before long, I had built a strong reputation in the industry, had won several international awards, and had other consultants (who were new to the industry) contacting me for advice and support.

Guess what?

Whether you believe it or not, YOU can experience this too.

You too can build a level of credibility and celebrity within your industry and become known as the ‘go-to’ person if you have the right foundations in place and keep focused on your goals.

The only person that’s stopping you from achieving this – is you.

Especially when you’re constantly comparing yourself to what other people are doing and not focused and working on the right activities in your business.

Constant comparison to other people will keep you stuck.

I’m not talking about the comparison you do when doing market research as part of business planning and distinguishing yourself in the market place.

I’m talking about the continuous visits to their website, their Facebook Business Page or blog, scanning their newsletters, reading their Twitter posts, and watching the conversation they’re having with their community and thinking “I’ll never be as good as she is.”

This type of comparison is exhausting and soul destroying and can cripple your business’s growth.


Because it stops you from working on the important things in your business that will help drive you forward.

Here’s what you should be focused on.

These steps will ensure you boost your credibility, visibility and hireability so that you can finally get noticed, booked AND paid what you’re worth:

  1. Identify and create a comprehensive profile of your ideal client and continue to speak to their needs in everything you do
  2. Unearth your Inner Brilliance, your core values and your unique characteristics and strengths – the essence of ‘you’ and what makes you truly special and incorporate into your Signature Brand
  3. Identify your powerful proven marketable material and create your unique Signature System and use this system to create a unique space in the market place that belongs to you. You build your reputation as an expert in this specific area.
  4. Plan out your Profit Pyramid to create multiple streams of income, many of which when planned correctly will generate money for you while you sleep
  5. Build your list of ideal clients who love your work and get them onto your keep-in-touch system with your Irresistible Free Offer
  6. Develop a memorable introduction so that when you speak – people stop and notice
  7. Get rid of unhelpful money mindsets and other beliefs that will continue to keep you stuck

When you work on getting these key foundations in place in your business – you too will build a magnetic presence; will continue to create and share content that you know your ideal client will love; and you’ll continue to build a powerful unique and distinguished presence in the market place that will continue to attract the attention of your ideal client.

It’s all up to you and what you decide to focus on.

So what will you focus on?

If you’d like me to hold your hand and show you exactly what you should be focusing on each of the above elements so you can fast-track your results, why don’t you join me on my next 6-Figure Success Blueprint Group Coaching program?


Have you been bitten by that green little monster called ‘envy’? What did you do about it? What are you celebrating in your business today because you’ve been able to remain focused on the right things? Go ahead and share. It’s always lovely to hear from you.


To your success and brilliance



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