Business Branding: How influential is your brand?

As a business owner, I’m sure you’ve probably heard about the importance of having an in-depth awareness of the needs and goals of your ideal client. After all, how can you craft influential marketing messages that speak directly to his/her needs if you’re not aware of this information – right?

So just how well do you REALLY know your ideal client?

Can you list the top three reasons that keep them up at night? Are you familiar with the key words and phrases they use as they discuss their issues with friends and colleagues? What is it that they long for – their goals? What words do they use to describe their hopes and dreams? Why is this so important to them? And, are you weaving this information into all of your online and offline communications?

When I’m working with my clients and reviewing the level of information they have about their ideal client, it’s often too general and unfortunately no-where near the depth of understanding they need to really make an impact with their marketing.

The information that is going to be extremely important is your clients’ psychographic attributes such as their personality, their values, attitudes and interests and what’s going on for them in their lives/businesses that would have them seek out your help.

Is the information you have on your ideal client too general?

Here are some of the warning signs you’ll want to keep an eye out for. If this is happening it means you haven’t spent enough time getting to know your ideal client as well as you should.

  • You aren’t growing your list on a daily basis with site visitors requesting access to your irresistible free offer despite people visiting your website
  • Your articles, tweets and posts are not generating interest and conversation with your ideal client – specifically enquiries about your programs and offerings
  • Your subscribers are unsubscribing from your list in droves
  • Your sales pages and other special offers are not converting prospects into clients
  • You feel like you’re speaking to an empty room despite all of your online and offline networking activities – no-one is listening and/or responding
  • And the list goes on…

Recognise any?

If you do, don’t panic!

Here are three things you’ll need to do to start gathering the right information as well as how you can weave these golden nuggets into your online and offline marketing to really make an impact with your ideal client.

Business Branding Step 1: Listen and observe – they’ll show you

You don’t need a crystal ball (or sixth sense) to learn all you need to know about them.

In fact, all you need to do is to listen and observe. They’ll tell you want you need to know.

Recently, I was networking on an online forum with other coaches and consultants (my ideal clients) and by asking a few questions, I received some incredibly insightful responses.

Here’s what they said about what they were struggling with in their businesses:

  • “I feel so frustrated – despite all of the marketing I’m doing, nothing is working to help me get more clients”
  • I’m struggling to sell my high-end programs. Despite all my efforts in building my profile and credibility my list just won’t  buy high-end programs from me”
  • I’ve tried everything and feel so frustrated. I know there is something missing – something that I’m just not doing but I can’t figure out what that is.”

How does this help me?

It not only confirms that the information I include in my coaching programs are EXACTLY what they need – it also helps me to build rapport by showing them I know what they are going through. And, I have a solution to help them.

I’ve often included many of the words and phrases (listed above) into the sales copy of my various personal branding programs. I also weave these words and phrases into my articles, tweets and other marketing material.

What are the key words and key phrases your ideal clients use to describe their struggles? If you’re unable to answer honestly, or if you are only assuming that is what they are saying and feeling then you need to spend some time just listening and observing them. They’ll tell you!


Business Branding Step 2: Build rapport – they’ll begin to trust you

A few months ago I attended a networking meeting with 30 other business owners. I was presenting on the topic of Branding – in particular “Magnetic Marketing with Brand Archetypes” and I asked the audience to select the introduction they liked best out of following three examples:

  1. Dominate Your Niche Online In 3 Powerful Steps
  2. Building Your Credibility As An Expert Online: How to Capture Your Ideal Clients’ Attention in 3 Proven Steps
  3. Client Magnet: 3 Powerful Ways to Attract, Nurture & Build Long-Lasting Customer Relationships Online

Which phrase stands out for you?

If you answered number 3, you chose the same phrase as most of the group – in fact 27 of the 30 business owners.

The wording I used in number three aligns with the Romantic Brand Archetype, where words such as magnetic, attract and nurture will instantly connect with them.

Who knew I had a room full of romantics in the group? At least now I know the words and phrases to use when presenting to this group to attract their attention.

By the way, for those of you who selected the other two examples and want to know which of the 12 Brand Archetypes they are; number one uses words and phrases from the Ruler Brand Archetype and number two is the Teacher Brand Archetype.

So why is this important to weave words and phrases that you know will resonate with your ideal client into your marketing material? Because it mirrors their values, their characteristics and their likes/dislikes and you’ll be able to instantly build rapport and trust. It just ‘feels’ right for them.

That’s why I spend so much time in my Unearth Your Inner Brilliance and 6-Figure Success Blueprint Coaching Programs helping my clients identify which of the 12 Brand Archetypes they resonate with the most and which of the brand archetypes describes their ideal client.

As each Brand Archetype lists over the dozen words that will stand out for that particular archetype makes it easy for my clients to create magnetic marketing messages. All they need to do is sprinkle these words throughout their marketing.

What about you – have you got a list of words and phrases that you know will seize and maintain the attention of your ideal client?

If not and you need help, let’s chat and find out how best I can support you.


Business Branding Step 3: Build credibility and hireability – they’ll want to work with you!

Are you constantly building your credibility and hireability so that your ideal client feels compelled to work with you?

You should be.


By ensuring you incorporate your Signature Brand in everything you do. This includes:

  • Your Brand Voice: the words you use in your articles, flyers and sales pages
  • Your Brand Design: the look and feel of brochures, images and fonts
  • Your Brand Persona: your mannerisms and your body language
  • Your Brand Style: the clothes and accessories you wear


Everything you do and say ‘speaks’ your brand. Are you sending a consistent message that resonates with your ideal client?

Here are some other areas where you can exude your brand voice:

  • Tweets
  • Program Titles
  • Facebook Books
  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Emails
  • Slogan / Tagline
  • Your introduction and bio
  • Your domain name
  • Your company name
  • Your videos and audios

Ensuring your brand voice and message is showing up in ALL of your communications will help you build a level of credibility and hireability so that when your ideal client is ready to move forward, YOU are the person they’ll want to work with.

Here’s to building a magnetic, influential brand voice and message that connects with your ideal client.


What words and phrases resonate with your ideal clients? Which example statement out of the three was your favourite? What have you done that has sparked your ideal clients’ attention and compelled them to hire you? Please share – it’s always nice to hear from you!


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