After scouring the internet this week for informative business building articles, here are my top picks. Enjoy!

Add your comments below to let me know which ones you’ve found helpful.


·        Thinking of outsourcing? Here are some guidelines on what ‘not’ to do

·         Not sure whether being your own [part-time] boss is for you? Great article with some interesting points\

·         Work smarter – not harder. Some great pointers here:  

·         Have a negotiation meeting coming up? Some great negotiation tips here:

·         Need to come up with ideas for your business? Here are 3 simple steps:

·         Entrepreneur interviews that are worth a listen:  

·         5 ways to profit from good ideas.  –> Not sure about no. 3, doesn’t quite seem ethical to me. Your thoughts?

·         Ten reasons to learn about IP law –> Interesting read

·         9 blog ideas on how to profit from Google

·         17+ free online conversion software –> Some great resources worth checking out


What do you think? What was helpful for you? Add you comments below.


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