After scouring the internet this week for informative business building articles, here are my top picks. Enjoy! 


Add your comments below to let me know which ones you’ve found helpful.


·         21 great ways to get email addresses –> which is your favourite?

·         51 ways to become a better entrepreneur

·         35 Online Tools that make your Freelance Career Easier

·         12 Pervasive myths about starting a small business

·         15 tools for bloggers –> great resources here

·         Why to-do lists are important for an #entrepreneur

·         5 things you must know about creating iPhone apps

·         Top 10 sources of entrepreneurial nourishment

·         50 things successful people have in common –> Recognise any of these things?

·         The only job you’ll ever have –> Pertinent read for an #entrepreneur

·         Think that social media is a fad? Find out how other businesses are leveraging online technologies 

·         Downsides to working from home –> Interesting for aspiring #entrepreneurs. Is this the right choice for you?


What do you think? What was helpful for you? Add you comments below.


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