Last weekend I attended a workshop where participants were shown how to write a compelling pitch that would help them to stand out and get them noticed by the media.Business woman with arrows and questions sign above isolated on

It was an extremely insightful event with many ‘aha’s for all who attended, including me.

What really stood out for me was the amount of time we spent on identifying our ‘why’.

The ‘why’ we do what we do; our overall mission and purpose; and the deeper meaning behind the passion for our work. Deep soul-searching stuff, which I love.

The reason this stood out for me was because in my experience, it’s something many business owners don’t spend a lot of time on. And, it’s the reason why I include several exercises in my programs – especially my Unearth Your Inner Brilliance to Your 6-Figure (or more) Signature Brand program.

It’s wonderful to see other programs dedicating so much time on this area as well.

It’s an area that I believe is crucial for all business owners if they want to build a successful business, especially when it comes to standing out and attracting your ideal client, and of course in the case of the workshop I attended – the attention of the media.

Do you know your big ‘why’?

Here are three reasons how knowing your ‘why’ can have a significant difference in your business, whether you’re trying to attract the attention of the media or your ideal client:

You Connect

Imagine having to read hundreds of emails, which all sound the same.

That is until you get to one email, which instantly grabs your attention.

When reading their story, you connect with the writer, and even though you’ve never met them before, because of their message, you resonate with them.

That’s what happens when you weave your ‘why’ into your story.  You CONNECT with people.

You Compel

Ever read an article or a story, or watched a video and felt so moved by the message that you were compelled to leave a comment, or compelled to contact that person?

When you express the essence of you and your ‘why’ into your messages, that’s what happens. You COMPEL people to contact you.

You Cultivate

When your message exudes your ‘why’ – people can sense its authenticity and genuineness.

And when you are authentic and genuine you continue to cultivate and deepen your relationships with people with whom you come into contact.

You continue to build the ‘know, like and trust factors’ – all critical when it come to building relationships whether it be with the media and/or your ideal client.

Do people understand the ‘who’ behind the ‘you? Are you strengthening your relationships because you continue to show up authentically across everything you do?

When you are authentic – you CULTIVATE and strengthen your relationships.

My ‘why’ is: “To inspire Possibility & Greatness” and is something I not only desire for all of my clients, but something I desire for everyone. It’s my Inner Brilliance and what I would hope other people get to experience, and the reason that inspires and drives me forward.

So what’s your ‘why’? What’s your Inner Brilliance?

Are you portraying this across all of your marketing messages and how you show up and stand out – whether you are trying to attract the attention of your ideal client, or the media?

You should be!

BTW, if this is something you struggle with – I can help! Let’s talk!


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