As a Change Maker and Disruptor, there was a moment in time, or perhaps even a sequence of moments that ignited a fire in your belly.

Can you remember what it was?

For me, I remember it clearly.

Because it still fires me up when I see, hear, or sense it happening.

It’s negativity, lies and innuendos that serves only to keep people stuck by creating fear, doubt, and confusion.

The ONLY payoff (and benefit) goes to the deliverer of the negativity, lies and innuendos.

My moment was the negativity (doom and gloom) the media portrayed in 2008 following the Global Financial Crisis.

That spark in the pit of my belly was ignited. I knew I had to do something.

And, that something was to be the voice of hope and inspiration. So people wouldn’t remain stuck in fear, doubt and confusion because of the daily deluge of job losses and the blame and shame games being portrayed.

Because I realised that while things were tough – they weren’t hopeless.

People just needed to change their approach.

And, without the RIGHT attitude, I knew there was no way people could ever change their approach.

Unless there was a sliver of hope that maybe, just maybe, it WAS possible for them.

This was why I began Career Success Radio. To share a message of hope and possibility along with key steps and strategies job seekers needed to take to bounce back. And, that’s exactly what a colleague and I did.

That was my mission.

It was clarity and focus, which guided our efforts. It was knowing we were going to make a REAL difference that gave us the courage we needed.

Because to be that voice that goes against what other people are saying, can be scary. Because speaking out can also spark criticism and judgement.

My friend as a Change Maker and Disruptor – you haven’t been called to play it safe. To play small. To just whisper.

Get totally clear on your mission; your ‘why’.

So, that in the face of adversity YOU can BE the positive change that’ll empower others to realise it’s possible – even for them.

Are you ready to BE the difference?


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