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Yesterday, here in Australia was International Women’s Day, where many women gathered together to celebrate the wins and achievements of women across Australia and the world.

However, while we have certainly come a long way when it comes to recognising the value women bring to the workplace and society in general, studies still show that women are being underpaid and undervalued when compared to their mael counterparts.

My guest is Donny Walford, who stresses the importance of Helping Women Help Themselves and if you don’t ask – you don’t get.

Donny is the founder of two companies, Bottomline and Behind Closed Doors.

She has achieved national success working with Boards, Executive and senior management across industry, government and the NGO sector.

With an extensive background at Board level, CEO and Executive roles in banking, finance, business associations and government, Donny works at the Board and Executive level of management to drive major strategic change.

Through her businesses Bottom Line and Behind Closed Doors…companies focussed on professional development, mentoring and networking…Donny assists organisations and individuals maximise their performance.

On todays on the show Donny is going to share:

  • Passion: Love What You Do – Do What You Love;
  • How to Engage with Mentors & Sponsors;
  • Be you; be true to yourself.

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