Are you looking to build your profile so you can grow your business or your career – but you just don’t where to start? Perhaps you may wonder – what real value you have to offer other people so your message remains unwritten, unheard and unable to impact the lives of people, who may be experiencing the exact same thing you have gone through.

My guest today is Bev Ryan.

Bev is a publisher and specialises in working with business and professional women who want to publish to raise their profile so they can grow their career or business.

Bev provides book coaching and publishing services to self-publishing authors of non-fiction, and she has recently launched the digital version of Honestly Woman magazine.

On todays on the show Bev is going to share:

  • How to understand your value to others and learn how to articulate that to the world
  • Why it’s important to regard yourself as an ‘enterprise’ whether you are an employee, consultant or business owner.
  • How to master the art of raising your profile to spread your voice, visibility and value

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