Before you have the next conversation with a prospective client, it’s important you have each of these 5 things in place. If you don’t – you’ll find it very hard to make the sale. Don’t make the same mistakes as so many other coaches are making.

On today’s show I share what the 5 mistakes are and what you should be doing to ensure you position you, your services and your programs in such a way that your ideal client can’t wait to work with you.

On today’s show:

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  • Today’s Words of Wisdom: 5 mistakes that’ll stop the sale
  • Inspirational Message to nourish your mind, body and spirit for the week ahead


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  1. Thank you to Keri Jaehnig. Keri is a Content & Social Media Marketing Manager for Automotive, Green, Real Estate, Travel and Professional Brands. You’ll find her over twitter @IdeaGirlMedia.

Tip of the week:

ShutterStock – for a huge selection of images for your blog posts.

Words of Wisdom:

5 mistakes that will stop the sale:

  1. You haven’t created the ‘irresistible’ factor
  2. You’re promoting program features – not benefits
  3. You’re marketing to the masses
  4. You haven’t got a strategic marketing plan
  5. You’re marketing too many programs/products at the same time

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Question: What insight or action step are you going to take to ensure you don’t miss out on the sale? Leave your comment by clicking here.


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