It’s around this time of year where we take stock of our business. Did we reach our goals – or not? If you didn’t – don’t be discouraged. Do these 3 things to ensure you position yourself for a strong 2015.

Sixteen years ago in my (then) fledgling coaching practice, no matter how hard I tried to get new clients and grow my business – nothing worked.

Everything I tried didn’t give me the results I so desperately longed for.

I read everything on the Internet I could access. I read the books and ebooks people recommended. I even bought a few homestudy programs. And, I still struggled.

Until I made a decision.

The decision to stop trying to do it on my own and to invest in one mentor/coach and follow all of the principles she taught. So, that’s what I did.

It wasn’t long before I saw a dramatic shift in my business results; quadrupling my income and working fewer hours.

Here are the three things that were paramount to my success.

  1. Hire a mentor/coach

While there is a plethora of business development material accessible online, in books and dozens of other places, there’s nothing more powerful than investing in yourself and your business by hiring a coach/mentor.

I realized I was limiting the growth of my business by not investing in myself.

My Scarcity Mindset: “I can’t afford to hire a coach,” was strengthening the deeper belief of: “I don’t believe I can generate enough income to be able to invest in a mentor,” which kept me stuck and playing small.

Thankfully I stopped that scarcity mindset in its tracks and hired a mentor. (I’m sure I’d still be struggling on my own had I not made that investment in myself and my business).

Instead, I believed in the value I had to offer clients and knew that with the right training, mentor, and support I’d generate more than enough income to fund my investment.

And, I did.

That’s an Abundant/Prosperity Mindset, and what will continue to drive your business forward.

  1. Set clearly defined goals

While I set myself outrageous goals when I first started my coaching practice, it wasn’t long before I soon abandoned them, altogether.


Because of what I now know as: Goal Trauma.

Setting goals and failing to achieve them, despite all of my hard work and effort left me feeling despondent and frustrated and to the point where I avoided them, or I set them so low (i.e. safe) that there was no way I would not achieve them, with the results – just enough, to get by.

Once I learned this, I made certain I not only set goals that stretched me, but that I also had a clear idea of what I needed to do to achieve them.

  1. State your goal – one that stretches you;
  2. Map out each of the steps that need to be done;
  3. Identify the support you need;
  4. Schedule in your diary;
  5. Take action. 
  1. Surround yourself with a community of likeminded people

Ever been in a personal training session where you really felt the pain as you did the last round of pushups and your trainer yells at you, saying:

  • “You’re useless – you’ll never do them.”
  • “Who do you think you are trying to do all those pushups.”
  • “You are so unfit – you’ll always struggle to do pushups.”

Of course not. [BTW, if you do, get another trainer – fast].

We wouldn’t put up with a trainer saying this, and you would continue to struggle and most likely would give up.

Why then do we so often surround ourselves with people, whose comments don’t lift us up and inspire us to keep going, but rather, they are negative and pull us down.

Naysayers and Negative Nellies will only continue to sow doubt in your mind that you’ll never grow a successful business and will stop you from growing a thriving coaching practice.

I had a few people like that in my world, so I limited my time with them and instead joined a community of like-minded people who were passionate and empowered entrepreneurs who continued to support me – even during times of disappointment.

They never once told me I couldn’t achieve something, but rather continued to encourage me to think bigger and to step outside my safety zone. They believed in me and held that space open for me to step into – even when I didn’t believe I could do it.

Because of their support and encouragement I continued to move forward in leaps and bounds in my business.

And, so can you.


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Question: Have you had success in your business when doing either one (or all) of these things? Go ahead and leave your comment by clicking here.


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