KeytoSuccessEarly last year I decided to expand my branding and coaching services to include entrepreneurs who wanted to take their service-based business to the next level.

To focus on this new market I pretty much had to start afresh with all my marketing efforts including a new blog, new Twitter account, new Facebook business page, newsletter template, brochures, banners, business card etc. Everything needed to be built from scratch.

It’s been well over 12 months now since I’ve been working on my new blog and Twitter account. However over that period, I have to tell you, there were times when I felt like giving up. Especially when it felt like a HUGE, never-ending uphill battle – I was exhausted!

Have you ever felt that way?

Here I was spending hours and hours writing blog posts and Tweets – yet it felt as if no-one was reading any of my posts, let alone anyone investing in my services.

I received the occasional re-tweet (where someone would share my post with their friends) and the odd comment or Facebook Like on my blog post.

Did I give up? Thankfully, no.

I knew what my goal was, and even though it felt that I was speaking to an empty chasm with no one listening, I knew that everything I was doing was getting me closer to my goal.

Here are three of the steps I used – and continue to use, as I grow and take my business to the next level. Hopefully they will bring you many blessings and successes as well:

1. Set your goals and keep your eyes fixed firmly on your target

goalsettingAs an entrepreneur it’s very easy to get distracted – especially if you don’t see instant results. And, one of the things that will keep you from achieving your goals and growing you business is to keep chasing the next biggest or best thing (or money making scheme).

Can I be really honest with you? Becoming an ‘overnight success’ sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? And it often is.

Building a profitable and successful business takes time. It takes planning, taking daily action, monitoring, tweaking and more action-taking.

I love working towards my 30-, 60-, 90-day (or longer) goals. I write down specifically what I want to be celebrating at the end of that timeframe, along with the action steps I need to take in order to achieve them.

Each and every day I am reminded of that goal and commit to taking at least one action step that I have listed on my goal sheet. Doing this is motivating – trust me!

Recently, one of my goals was to increase my Klout score to 70 by the 27 May. And, by being committed and focused I was able to achieve that. Pretty cool, eh?!

Have you written down your goals? Are you taking regular action steps? And, are you keeping your eyes fixed firmly on your target so that you don’t get sidetracked by distractions? I hope so!

2. Celebrate EVERY success – even if very small:

happypeopleOften, we can become disheartened with what we are achieving (or not achieving) because we’re not reaching the high expectations we put on ourselves, or, because of what our competitors are doing and achieving.

Stop being so hard on yourself – this is only setting you up for failure. And, STOP comparing yourself to your competitors. Lower your expectations to an achievable level; measure yourself against YOUR own goal posts and personal best; and start celebrating all YOUR successes – even the small ones.

For me, I decided to be thankful for each and every comment, Like and Retweet that I received. Never mind the fact that some of my competitors had thousands and thousands of followers, had lots of engagement going on with their community, and were often having their information shared. I knew that it would take time to achieve, so by lowering my expectations, I gave myself time to grow my list and connections – I didn’t beat myself up for not achieving this overnight.

What success can you celebrate today? Be proud of what you have accomplished. When you do, you open yourself to many more, even bigger successes. Remember, what you put your attention, energy and focus on – expands.

Let’s start recognising, celebrating and expanding all your successes. Yes?!

3. Get Yourself a Mentor/Coach:

ladysuccessOne of the most important things I did a few years ago (and continue to do) was to invest in my own professional development and growth.

I have been a member of an ongoing coaching group for years now so have access to resources that continue to stretch my knowledge and understanding, and a mentor/coach – who is there not only as a sounding board but also encourages me to think big and take courageous steps in my business.

My mentor and coach is also my accountability partner, keeping me accountable and on track with all the goals I have set myself.

In fact, I know that I would not have stayed as focused or committed to my goals nor achieved the level of success I now celebrate were it not for my coach.

Do you have a coach, mentor and accountability partner to work alongside you to keep you accountable to your goals? Someone that encourages you to think bigger, to take more courageous steps and achieve goals you never thought would have been possible? If not, I highly recommend you find someone you feel comfortable with. You’ll achieve your goals much faster when you do.

limage3smallWhen I look back over the last 12-16 months by using those three steps I have been able to grow my tribe (contacts) to over 22,000 people. The comments, Likes and Retweets I am receiving on my blog posts/articles are also on the increase, which is really exciting.

And, of course these people who are becoming aware of my programs (and are getting to know, like and trust me), are investing in my coaching programs and experiencing their own successes.

Had I given up and not continued to take daily action steps, I would not be able to celebrate these milestones (blessings).

So, my coach’s request is to stick with it. Don’t give up. Set yourself some great goals; take regular action steps; remember to celebrate EVERY success; and get yourself a mentor/accountability partner to stretch you, keep you focused and accountable to your goals.

So was this helpful? What will you do moving forward to ensure you are more focused on your goals? Tell me by leaving your comments in the section below. And, as always please Like, Tweet and Share this with your colleagues. I really appreciate it.

Update: After publishing this blog post, I was alerted to an article written by – “200 Most Fearless Women Online & in Social Media.” I was honored to be among the list (you can see me at Number 16). So, were it not for the determination, commitment and consistency in taking daily action – I’m sure I would not have been included on this list – let alone being at number 16. Pretty cool, yes?!

Well, with the same determination, commitment and consistency – YOU TOO CAN ACHIEVE THAT (if you really want to!).

It’s up to you!



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