Get that product OUT of your head, created and launched!

Do you long to create your own products but just don’t know how to get started? Or perhaps you’ve got lots of ideas, but overwhelm stops you from ever finishing your product. Then this show is a must-listen.

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Our Guest Expert:

Sandy Sidhu is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners cut through the noise and get clarity when marketing and launching products online. She moves people from dreaming to doing.

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Show Highlights:

On today’s show Sandy will share some of the secrets from her ebook: “From stuck to unstoppable: how to go from idea to launch” to help you get out of overwhelm so you can finally create that product and launch it!


  • Practical steps to get you out of overwhelm
  • Why, when thinking big, it’s important to start small when it comes to launching products
  • Powerful tips to create your ‘success mindset’
  • And much more!!



What did you find most helpful about the tips Sandy shared on today’s show? What product do you have ‘brewing’? Let us know! It’s always great to hear from our listeners.

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