featuresvsbenefits.jpgDoes this sound like you?

You’re a coach or consultant who is passionate about your work. Being able to support your clients reach their goals is extremely rewarding.

The program you’ve put together is EXACTLY what they need, and the techniques you use are pretty impressive. In fact the clients you’ve worked with have all been able to overcome their issues – and you can’t wait to help other people.

But, and here’s the clincher…

Despite the information you’ve provided on your website (that includes the list of benefits they’ll receive through participating in your program) – people are not signing up for your opt-in offer, not engaging with you on social media platforms, and certainly not investing in your services.

What are you doing wrong?

You just can’t get more clients booked into your programs.

Is this happening to you?

It’s a common issue for many service-based businesses, so you’re certainly not alone.

If you look closely at your program description, you’ll see that the problem is in the way you’re explaining the results/benefits your client will achieve when working with you. That’s because your benefit is not really a benefit, but rather a feature of your program.

I came across a quote recently, which describes what I’m talking about perfectly:

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill (feature). They want a quarter-inch hole (benefit).” – Theodore Levitt.

In reality, people don’t want to buy your coaching or consulting services – they want to buy “the outcome/result” that your coaching/consulting services will provide.

  • If you’re a career coach, people don’t want to buy your ‘innovative assessments’, powerful questioning techniques, or two hours of ‘narrative-based coaching’. They want to get rid of their confusion and frustration. They want to get off the boredom treadmill, and be able to bounce out of bed on a Monday morning because they have a job they love. They want the day to fly by because they’re so engaged in their work.
  • If you’re a résumé writer– people don’t want to buy a résumé that includes the latest in writing techniques, along with a powerful personal brand statement.They want a document that will get them noticed; a document that will open doors to exciting opportunities. They want a document that will secure them an interview for their dream job.
  • If you’re an interview/negotiation coach – people don’t want to buy your award-winning interview strategies or negotiation techniques.They want to be able to position themselves as a must-have candidate throughout the entire interview. They want to secure that job offer along with a salary package that pays them what they’re worth.
  • If you’re a life coach – people don’t want to buy latest coaching techniques provided in a relaxing, tranquil setting.They want to get rid of whatever problem is going on in their lives so that they can finally achieve their goal. This could be to rekindle passion in their relationship with their spouse; or to land the job of their dreams; or to finally be able to get a good night’s sleep without waking up several times a night due to fear and anxiety.

Here are two simple steps you can use to turn your program feature into a benefit that your ideal client will love.

Step 1: Know your ideal client

Do you know the answers to the following questions? You should.

  • The problems/issues they are experiencing
  • The words and phrases they use to describe their issues
  • The type of support/solutions they are typically looking for
  • The language/triggers that will catch their attention and prompt them to want to learn more about your services

The more specific and relevant the benefits and outcomes your program delivers to your ideal client’s goals and dreams, the more compelled your prospect will be to work with you.

Step 2: Complete the ‘So that…” process

Here’s where you put your statement through the ‘so that’ process to ensure you get to the ‘real’ benefit and result that will impress your ideal client.

Here are some examples:

Statement: I’ll help you build your brand to get you noticed and recognised as an expert SO THAT you get hired and paid what you’re worth.

Statement: I’ll help you get a ‘yes’ for your mortgage application SO THAT you can finally move into the home of your dreams and start your family.

Statement: I’ll write you a powerful résumé SO THAT your résumé stands out from the pile of résumés and gets you an invitation to interview for your dream job.

So, whatever statement you are currently using, put it through the ‘so that’ process to ensure you really are stating the benefits and results your client will receive through investing in your services.

Time to revisit and rewrite your list of benefits?

Was this helpful? How are you going to rewrite your statement so that it really does reflect the benefit/outcome your prospect can expect through working with you?

Till next time, stay inspired!


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