One of the most common questions my clients ask me is: “How do I create a consistent flow of ideal clients to my business?”CashFlow

Perhaps like them – you too are struggling with the ‘feast and famine’ or ‘just enough’ cycles?

Some weeks you’re so busy – you’re burning the candle at both ends.

However, other times – it’s the opposite. You’re twiddling your thumbs, waiting for the phone to ring, or starring at an empty email inbox.

Or, the income your generating is ‘just enough’ and no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to break through to the next level.

One of the processes I take my VIP clients through is my Impact and Influence Scale.

It’s a great tool for taking a snapshot of where a business is at; what’s working well for them; as well as pinpointing where there are gaps and what needs to be worked on.

Particularly around generating leads and securing clients?

So, if you want to stop the feast and famine and/or just enough cycles so you can get a consistent flow of enquiries, clients and cashflow into your business, here are three key steps you must be doing consistently:

Step 1: Be Visible

While this may seem a blatantly obvious step, it’s surprising how many business owners don’t have a marketing plan and marketing calendar.

An outline of action steps that ensures they are getting their message out on a daily basis in front of your ideal client.

Remember: Adhoc marketing gets you adhoc results.

Do you have a marketing calendar that maps out the program/package you want to launch AND a list of action steps you need to implement to promote your program?

For instance, say you’re launching a group coaching program, you’ll want to plan out your marketing calendar and action steps at least 2 to 3 months prior.

Some of the action steps could include:

  • A free teleseminar or webinar to provide a ‘teaser’ of the information/topic that your program is going to teach people;
  • Articles leading up to the free teleseminar/webinar that again provides people with some great insights, and encourages people to sign up to your call for further information;
  • Tweets on Twitter to alert people to your free call
  • Facebook posts to alert people to your free call
  • Informative tweets with helpful information, and with a link to the free call
  • Plan out some great questions to spark conversation with the people on your Facebook page, again bringing their attention to your free call
  • Heads-up section in your regular newsletter
  • Podcast and/or audio tips you can share, which again lead back to your free call
  • Brief video snippets that provide great tips on the topic as well as a encouraging people to sign up to your free call
  • Connect with potential referral partners (who have your ideal client on their list) and see whether they’d like to alert their database about your free call

…and the list could go on.

These are just a few marketing strategies I could think of in a few minutes.

These action steps would then get mapped out into your marketing schedule to get actioned – whether it is completed by you or one of your team members.

To do: You can read more of my articles on Magnetic Marketing Strategies to Get More Clients and Boost Your Sales here.

And remember, Develop your marketing plan/schedule today if you don’t have one!

Step 2: Be Credible

Are the marketing messages you’re sending out continuing to build your reputation as a specialist in your field? Or not?

It should! Especially if you want to attract prospects and clients who recognise and respect the value you offer and will pay you what you’re worth.

  • Is your marketing message tailored to speak clearly to your well-defined niche/ideal client and his/her struggles? Or are you seen as a Jack-of-all-Trades and a Master of None?
  • Do you have a clearly defined Signature Brand and core brand message/promise that is consistently being portrayed across all of your marketing messages? Or are unsure of what makes you unique and therefore trying to emulate what seems to be working for other people in your industry?
  • Do you have a powerful Signature System that positions your programs/packages as a credible solution/answer to what he/she is struggling with? It should!

Be mindful that these three things are crucial if you want to build your reputation as a specialist AND attract a steady stream of enquiries and clients to your business.

To do: You can read more of my articles on how to build an Irresistible Signature Brand to Stand Out HERE.

And, if you’re struggling to define your niche, Signature System and/or Signature Brand – go ahead and apply for one of my Business Breakthrough Strategy Sessions. I’ll show you want you need to do!

Step 3: Be Irresistible

If you’re like many of the clients I work with, you’ll most likely have hundreds (if not thousands) of other people offering a similar service to what you’re offering.

So, what makes you unique? And, more importantly, why should people invest in your services instead of one your competitors?

There are so many things you should be doing in your business to become irresistible, however one clear way to be irresistible AND to deepen a prospective clients desire to work with you is to showcase the successes and achievements that other clients have achieved by working with you.

Are you showcasing testimonials from your clients that creates a desire in a reader’s mind – “I want to achieve that success too!!” It should.

To do: Here’s an article to show you how to get started on compiling great testimonials from your existing clients CLICK HERE.

So there you go. Three steps to get your started on your way to attracting a steady stream of enquiries, clients and cashflow to your door so you can finally be rid of the feast and famine or ‘just enough’ cycles.


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