Find it hard to quote your fee when a prospect asks you “What do you charge?” And, instead of stating your standard costs you reduce the price, or you offer them a discount because you assume this is all they’ll pay?

If this sounds familiar, more often than not the reason you are reducing your fee has nothing to do with whether or not your prospect can afford your services, but rather is a direct reflection of your sense of self-worth. 

I like to call it your self-worth account.

Is your self-worth account overflowing with riches because you recognise your strengths and the amazing value you offer your clients? Or is your self-worth account almost empty because you are constantly reducing your fees and offering discounts to get your prospects to say ‘yes’ to your offer. Perhaps you’re constantly listening to the voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough?

If your dream is to build a successful and profitable business it’s important to make a conscious decision to stop those withdrawals and start making regular deposits to build, nurture and grow a self-worth account that is rich and spilling over with abundance.

Here’s a great exercise to help you make your first LARGE deposit: 

Step One: Write a list of 20 problems that your ideal client typically faces. What are they constantly complaining about? What do they struggle with on a day-to-day basis that prevents them from reaching their goals?

Step Two: Create another list of 20 ways that you can help your ideal client. These are the benefits and solutions that your client can expect through working with you.

Here’s an example of 5 of the things that I came up with when I did this exercise earlier this year:

List of Problems My Clients Face:

  1. Doesn’t know how she can set herself apart from her competitors
  2. Constantly finds it hard to find new clients
  3. Is confused about how to market her business and feels she’s on a treadmill – doing lots of things but getting little response
  4. Confused about how she can create packages and programs for the services she offers
  5. Is fearful of putting up her fees

 Solutions I Offer My Clients:

  1. Practical marketing/social media strategies that enables her to build a large community/online network much faster
  2. Create irresistible 30- and 60-second pitches that has clients flocking to her door to learn more about her and her services
  3. Define and build an authentic powerful brand that distinguishes her from her competitors and confirms ‘hire me!’
  4. How to create compelling copy (using her unique brand attributes and ‘Branding with Archetypes’ core qualities) so she resonates instantly with her ideal client
  5. How to create her signature system and value-added packages that positions her as an expert so she can raise her fees and get paid what she’s worth

Step Three: Jot down the names of people who were experiencing similar problems that you listed in step one. However because of your support, wisdom and advice they are now achieving the dreams and goals they desire.

Reading over these lists you should now begin to recognise the amazing gifts and talents you possess that can support other people in achieving these goals too – yes?

And, by devaluing and holding yourself back through not recognising your strengths and talents you’re not getting this message out to people who desperately need your help and support.

My coach’s request for you is to pick one action step that you will do today that will enable you to make ongoing deposits into your self-worth account so you can finally start supporting the people who desperately need your help. Deal?!

Let me know what the step you’re going to take today by adding your comment below. And, as always if you found today’s article helpful please share with your friends and colleagues by clicking on the Like button below.

Until next time – keep making your daily deposits!


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