Want to cut through the noise and clutter to stand out and be heard by your ideal client? Become a disruptive voice in your industry. I speak about three ways to consider in today’s video.

Note: Apologies for the bad quality video. I did this as an impromptu FB Live in the evening. Just minimise the video and listen (if it’s too distracting) so you can learn from the examples I share. Or alternatively, I’ve summarised the information below.

Here are three ways to consider:


Create a new and unique experience for prospective customers to ‘experience’ your product/service.

For example, one dog food company built a huge billboard that dispensed a sample of dog food when patrons pushed some buttons.

In my business, I’ve created a podcast – The Corporate Podcast, which I share with interested CEO’s. They get to experience first-hand what it’s like to listen to a podcast while learn the benefits that podcasting can deliver (when produced correctly), how they can overcome their current marketing challenges, and/or how they can become an influential voice in their industry.


Are you doing something unique and different from everyone else in your industry, which means your clients are getting better results, much quicker than standard industry outcomes?

For example: I’m a Brand & Communications Strategist and am now leveraging my 9 years’ experience in podcasting to help clients create their own podcast platform to cut through the noise and build deeper engagement with their audience – which is relatively new in the market and the clients I work with.

  • Three: YOU:

Your unique style and characteristics bring a fresh approach to a typical traditional industry.

For example: An Accountant who has a fun and adventurous outlook to life and is able to explain technical jargon (that is often mumbo-jumbo to their clients) in a practical and easy-to-understand way.

How will YOU be a disruptive voice in your industry?

Have you seen another company being a disruptive voice in their industry and doing this well? Share below!

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Want to know more about how you can start a podcast so you can be a disruptive and influential voice in your industry? Access my Podcasting With Purpose mini-training


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