Want to know one of THE BEST ways I use to communicate my brand?smilingaudience

A one-to-many method that enables me to consistently (and exponentially) build my credibility, visibility and profitability so incredibly efficiently, which is why I recommend all my clients incorporate this into their Brand Communications Wheel?

And, why I recommend you do too?

<Drum roll>


I realise that for some people (maybe even you) the fear of speaking outweighs the fear of death. So right about now you may be thinking “Nah – there’s no way I’ll EVER speak in front of an audience, Annemarie!”

However you may just want to reconsider when you realise how many opportunities you’re leaving on the table by not using ‘speaking’ as one way to reach out to your ideal client.


Because speaking leverages the one-to-many model, which means you have the opportunity to share your expertise with multiple people at the one time.

Still not convinced?

Picture this:

  • You’re invited as the guest expert to speak in front of an audience of your ideal clients for a 45 minute presentation and a Q&A session, taking up to 50 minutes of your time. And, as this is a virtual event you can deliver your presentation from the comfort of your own office;
  • Directly after the call you:
    • See social proof being created by participants who are sharing how much they loved your presentation with their extended communities;
    • You receive numerous emails alerting you as people continue to sign up to your newsletter. Your list continues to expand;
    • You have people requesting to speak to you one-to-one;
    • And, from your one-to-one conversations they enroll into your high-end programs valued at $6,000 with another $15,000 in the pipeline. Not bad for 50 minutes of your time, right?

Multiply this with a few speaking events during the week (which is totally achievable) and the numbers certainly add up.

BTW, The above is what happened recently when I presented my: Get Paid What You’re Worth topic. And, as I’m regularly speaking on telesummits, teleseminars and events, I’m constantly generating a steady flow of leads and clients.

In fact, here’s a snapshot of some of the benefits I’ve personally experienced through speaking:

  1. Continue to build credibility as a specialist: people are regularly seeking me out and I’ve had the opportunity to speak on stages alongside other multi-six and seven-figure business owners.
  2. Continue to grow my list (database); each time I speak, my list grows. In fact, after leveraging one method in a presentation I gave a few years ago – I doubled the size of my list with nearly ALL of the audience scrambling to give me their contact details. Not bad considering it was a presentation that took 15-minutes of my time.
  3. Continue to gain referrals for additional speaking opportunities: tapping into the extended network of the audience (as you never know who may be in their sphere of influence) by asking for a referral for other speaking opportunities has worked extremely well for me too.
  4. Continue to pave the way to Joint Venture (JV) opportunities: I’ve had event organizers and even participants contact me after the event, requesting the opportunity to work together in joint venture relationships.
  5. Continue to increase my income: after hearing me speak, I have people who step into my group/VIP programs immediately, however, I continue to build key know, like and trust factors with the newly added people on my list, so when they’re ready to move forward, guess who’s top of mind and who they want to work with? Yep – me.

For those of you who fear speaking in public, it’s important to realise that speaking is a skill that can be learned, developed and perfected. Even for you, IF you set your mind to it. [There are many reasons why people fear speaking in public, which is something I support clients through in my Speaker Mastery Breakthrough Secrets program –which is a whole other topic I’ll save for another time.]

However, for those of you who are up for the challenge and are willing to start speaking in public so you can build your credibility, visibility and profitability fast, here’s what you’ll need:

1. Your Signature Talk

I have two main Signature Talks, one of: How to Get Paid What You’re Worth and the other Money Mindset Breakthrough to Increased Self-Worth, Sales & Savings.

Each of these talks is designed to give value, create interest in learning more, and strategically flows into my programs and Profit Pyramid (i.e. cascading multiple streams of income model).

While I do tweak and tailor my talk depending on the audience and their needs, it’s doesn’t take me much time as I’m so clear on my ideal client and their struggles, needs and desires.

Action Step for you: Create your Signature Talk that aligns with the programs you offer so you become known as a specialist in your field. Try to avoid creating too presentations covering too many topics as this may just position you as a Jack of All Trades and a Master of None. And, as I’ve said before, it’s very hard to get paid what you’re worth if you’re seen as a master of none.

2. Your Irresistible Offer

While your Signature Talk must create value and continue to position you as the specialist, you don’t want to give away all of your trade secrets.

Your goal is to provide immense value WHILE create a desire to learn more. And, one of the ways they can learn more is by getting their hands on your Irresistible Offer.

What’s an irresistible offer? It can be:

  • A checklist they can use to keep them on track
  • A video or audio recording that goes deeper into a topic you spoke about during your presentation
  • An ebook that provides step-by-step activities that will help them strengthen the learnings and resources you shared.

The goal during your presentation is to get people enthused about getting that irresistible offer.

Action Step for you: Create your irresistible offer – remembering not to give away all of your trade secrets. Ensure the topic you share in this resource is relevant to your programs and Profit Pyramid to ensure you continue to create a consistent flow of leads and prospects into your funnel. Creating an irresistible offer that has no relevance to your programs is a waste of your valuable time.

3. A ‘Take Action’ Sign-up Form

Create a way you can gather their contact details right then and there. Here’s a copy of one of my Summary Sheet for Speaking that I use during live speaking events.

This form gives people the opportunity to (a) get my irresistible offer (b)  invest in my program at an attractive price (c) sign up for my complementary Business Breakthrough Strategy Session (i.e. my version of a complementary discovery session. See point 4).

Action Step for you: Create a Take Action Sign-up Form. Note: if I’m doing a virtual event there is another system/steps I take. If you’re interested in learning more about this, contact me here.

4. A Complementary Discovery Session

This gives you a wonderful opportunity for both you and your prospective client to get to know one another better, to continue building the know, like and trust factors, and if done well and they turn out to be your ideal client– offer them an opportunity to work with you through one of your programs.

Action Step for you: Create your Discovery Session. If you’re interested in learning more about this, apply for one here so you can experience what I’m talking about.

Voila, you’re all set to go!

Here’s a snapshot of how this all flows:


Do this well and you too can build your credibility, visibility and profitability FAST!

You game to give it a try? Let me know in the comments section below. It’s always great to hear from you!


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