Is stress impacting your performance at work? Find out why…

Is stress causing you to make hasty and regrettable decisions in your business?

It’s no wonder, as studies have shown that you can decrease your brain’s capacity by 10-15 IQ points when you are stressed. In business this can spell disaster.

Stress and its effects on the mind and body are well known. The effects of stress is costing workplaces an estimated $15 billion every year, with the problems (and costs) increasing.

As a ‘Stress Specialist’ Dr Linda Wilson teaches individuals and businesses how to avoid emotions getting in the way of great decision-making. And today on the show, Linda will talk about:

  • The missing link between our thoughts and responses and why it is important for you to know;
  • Why it is important to not to make big decisions when you are feeling stressed;
  • as well as tips and strategies on how you can reduce your stress level,
  • and much more.

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