Annemarie Cross is joined by her special guest and co-host Warwick Merry – the Get More Guy.

Warwick is a leading authority in aiding individuals and organizations to live their passion. He works with teams and individuals to improve their communication, exhibiting, sales skills and overall process.

Harnessing his infectious, fun approach Warwick shares:

  • 3 Easy Steps to Double Your Sales
  • Tips and Techniques to Present Your Product and Service
  • How to be a better Salesperson without Selling
  • What makes a good sales person
  • How you can increase your sales
  • Why some sales people have a bad name
  • How to maximise your Expo results
  • …and much more

Listen in and find out how you can double your sales!

What do you think? What are you going to implement TODAY that will enable you to double your sales?

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Have an awesome day!


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