A few days ago my buddy coach and I were discussing the topic of self-sabotage.

Self-SabotageSelf-sabotage: the things we do consciously (and unconsciously) to prevent ourselves from taking action, which ultimately stops us from achieving our goals and the dreams we truly desire.

Why do we self-sabotage?

Why do we continuously create barriers so that we can never quite reach our goals? Or fulfil the dreams we long for?

One of my mentors told me once:

“We create that which we fear the most”

Makes sense.

For many years I feared failing and not achieving the bold goals I had set for myself; being rejected; and not being good enough.

So much so, that anytime I could sense failure looming, I would start working on another project. Or, I’d cause all sorts of interruptions that would require my undivided attention.

Great ways to keep myself ‘safe’ from failing – don’t you think? NOT!

Because, deep down inside – I still felt like a failure. I still felt rejected and had successfully proven to myself that I wasn’t good enough – again! Argh!

Isn’t it interesting that we are so skilled at creating complex ‘belief’ cycles, which manifests that which we fear the most?

What a powerful insight.

What about you? Can you relate to self-sabotage?

  • What is your goal/dream? And, how are you creating that which you fear the most, so you never quite reach your goals?
  • What if feeling scared, doubtful, or the fear of failure, or [you fill in the blank] was no longer important to you?
  • What would you be doing differently?

The answer to that question is the golden nugget that will propel you forward to achieving everything your heart desires.

So, what are YOU going to do differently this week to ensure you break out of the cycle of self-sabotage?

Me? What did I do? I remained focused; was persistent; and persevered at the task at hand, until it was complete.

Breaking the cycle of self-sabotage enabled me to skyrocket my business results, and helped me work towards achieving my goals.

And, so can you!

Here’s to achieving our bold goals – one step at a time!


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