Comparison syndrome. It’s something I’m sure we can all relate to. In fact recently, a comment that one of my colleague’s posted on Facebook caught my eye.

She was quite discouraged after reading some of the posts (written by her colleagues and competitors), which had left her feeling unworthy and inferior as she compared the stage she was at in her business to their recent successes.

Despite how hard she tried not to get stuck in the downward spiral that comparing yourself to others often leads, my colleague asked: “Why do I continue to do this to myself? Is it just me who finds themselves stuck and feeling miserable when you read what other people are doing?”

Can you relate to this?

If we’re honest. I’m sure we all can.

This is what I told her… [click the grey play button below to listen]:



Question: Have you ever found yourself stuck in the grips of comparison syndrome? How did it impact you and your business? What did you do to help you shift through it? Go ahead and share. Leave your comment here. 


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