MoneyCruiseControlEach and every one of us has a money cruise control that will affect the amount of income we generate in our business.

What’s a money cruise control? It’s the certain amount of money that you’re comfortable making. And, just like a car’s cruise control is set to a certain speed, our money cruise control is set to a certain income figure that, once you reach it, will be difficult to go over.

My client, Rebecca’s money cruise control was set to just over the mid five-figure range of $57,000. It didn’t matter what she did or how hard she tried – she just couldn’t increase her income past that figure.

Even following a major program launch, backed by a strong marketing and social media campaign, had enabled her to have a great month (and she thought she would finally be able to reach a six figure annual income) – something unexpected would happen the next month that would cause her sales to plummet, bringing her right back to square one.

While there can be many reasons affecting the setting of your cruise control – one of the main reasons is your family’s money legacy.

Your family’s money legacy (the lessons we learned from our parents through listening and observing how they managed money) and our beliefs and habits have a huge influence on the amount of money you generate in your business.

Some of the more common beliefs around money that have kept my clients’ money cruise control stuck on a low figure include:

  • I’ll have to work hard to earn a decent living
  • I have to sacrifice everything if I want to be rich
  • I will never be wealthy – I just don’t have the talent
  • If I earn more money, it’ll change who I am
  • The only way I am going to make more money is by becoming greedy and uncaring

Are these beliefs similar to what you heard when you grew up?

Thankfully there is a simple, yet powerful way that you can increase the amount of money your money cruise control is set to, so you can finally reach your money goals.

This is something I take all my clients through during our Money Breakthrough Method Coaching program to help them break through their money barriers and see a steady increase in their income.

Here’s a brief overview of the process:

Step 1: Have a look at your sales figures over the last 12 months and determine the average figure of your five best months. Alternatively you can select to average out your five largest clients.

What’s your figure? Interesting, yes?!

Step 2: What’s the new figure you’d like to set your cruise control to? Before choosing your figure there are a few things you need to keep in mind. It’s important to choose a figure that is going to stretch you. However, the figure shouldn’t be so high that it seems unrealistic and impossible for you to achieve.

Step 3: Now that you have written down your new figure – what are three steps that you’ll commit to taking over the next few days/weeks that will help you achieve the new figure on your money cruise control?

Thankfully for my client Rebecca – once she identified and dealt with the unhelpful money beliefs that were sabotaging her efforts, reset her money cruise control to a figure she felt comfortable with, as well as some additional higher-end programs for her favourite clients, she was able to reach a level of income that she had only ever dreamed about.

Here’s to re-setting your money cruise control so you can finally reach your income goals.

If you’re ready to access more powerful activities like this one so that you can have life-changing money breakthroughs, you can! Right here:

What do you think? Was this helpful? What figure will you set your money cruise control to so that you can start to increase your income?

Here’s to increasing your monthly AND yearly income!



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