It saddens me…

What – you ask?magnetic marketing

To see talented coaches – who despite offering incredible programs to support their clients achieve their dreams and goals, continue to struggle to get new clients and achieve their own dreams and goals, which is to build a successful coaching business / practice.

Can you relate?

Despite your best efforts and ongoing marketing, no-one is signing up to your programs; your list is growing at a snail’s pace; and each time you send out a newsletter the number of people who unsubscribe from your database is frustrating and disheartening.

If you’ve been following me for while to create influence and impact with your ideal client you’d have heard me stress the importance of:

  • building the elements of know, like and trust with your ideal client;
  • being familiar with and using the keywords and phrases your ideal clients uses; as well as
  • showcasing your ability to provide a solution(s) to your ideal client’s problem(s) in all of marketing messages – from your tweets, posts, sales pages, right through to the titles of your programs.

It’s vital.

However, if you’ve changed and tweaked your marketing messages and your prospects are STILL not converting into clients – don’t despair or give up.

It may just mean that the language and phrases you’re using in your message is not as irresistible or magnetizing as you think. In fact, what may be happening is that you’re repelling your prospect because your word choice and marketing message is complicated, unclear and confusing.

Here are three common ways I see coaches confusing and turning away their ideal client because their marketing messages are complicated, unclear and confusing.

See if you recognise any:

1. You’re using jargon:

While you may be expertly trained in the latest modalities and methodologies that can support your clients in overcoming their problems, providing a lengthy explanation about the ins and outs of these modalities is NOT what will make your irresistible.

I remember attending a meeting where a Life Coach provided a detailed explanation of the modalities she used in her programs including who developed them and what they entailed.

By her second paragraph the energy of the audience had plummeted and people’s eyes were glazing over. They had no idea what she was talking about and had switched off.

In fact, after she had finished speaking – two people at my table were chuckling between themselves – commenting that they felt like they had just ‘escaped the twilight zone.”

Very sad.

Here was this Life Coach with an amazing ability to support people who were experiencing grief and loss, however because of all of the jargon and industry terminology she had used to describe her services – the message had become complicated, unclear and confusing.

Lesson:  This is where the KISS principle comes in beautifully – Keep It Simple Sweetheart.

2. You’re using too many concepts:

While I’m all for being creative and having unique, on-brand titles for your programs and packages, ensure they don’t include too many concepts.

Too many concepts in the one heading/title can confuse people.

For instance, as a Life Coach you may be able to help people within their career, their relationships, their finances or reclaiming their purpose and passion. However, trying to include all of that in one program title would be confusing.

As a Career Coach you may be able to help clients define their ideal job, write a powerful resume, and help them develop influential interviewing skills, right through to hitting the ground running as they transition into their new job – and everything in between.  Trying to include all of that into one program title again, would be confusing.

Lesson: Don’t include too many concepts, and don’t include unrelated concepts into your program headings/titles.

As an example: Stand Out, Get Hired AND Get Paid What You’re Worth VIP Intensive Program, or the: Explore & Define Your Life’s Calling in 30-days VIP Program would be better.

3. You’re using vague and uninspiring phrases/words

This is the opposite to point number two, where the descriptions and headings are vague and uninspiring.

I’ll often see coaches title their packages Bronze, Silver and Gold or Sapphire, Ruby or Diamond Packages, to name a few.

While there’s nothing wrong with using these phrases in your packages, because so many other coaches are using them, you won’t be able to stand out in the market and you won’t create magnetism or become irresistible to your ideal client.

Read these titles:

  • Bronze Package
  • Silver Package
  • Ruby Package

Do any of these titles jump off the page and have you wanting to learn more? Do they have you itching to make an investment?

I wouldn’t think so.

In my work with coaches once we identify their Primary Archetype we are able to come up with on-brand program titles by incorporating key words and phrases that describes their core brand message perfectly and resonates with their ideal client.

For instance, if you were the Primary Archetype of Romantic you may include words such as Connection, Magnestism or Caring in your program titles and descriptions.

  • Become a Client Magnet 30-day VIP Intensive

If you were the Primary Archetype of Ruler – you may incorporate words such as Dominate, Influence or Elite in your program titles and descriptions.

  • Dominate Your Industry in 90-Days VIP Intensive

Lesson: Stay away from the overly used program titles and incorporate descriptive words that are on-brand, magnetizing and irresistible to your ideal client.

You’ll soon have prospects flocking to your door wanting to know more and how they can work with you!

Try it!


Do any of your program titles needs to be tweaked? What ‘aha’ did you have? Perhaps you’ve got a program title that is generating lots of interest already for you? Go ahead and share. It’s always nice to hear from you!


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