I’m sure you know how important it is to have the correct systems and tools in place to ensure your business’s growth – right?MoneyMagnet

But what about having the correct money mindset?

Do you realise it’s vital to have the right money mindset to ensure your business’s growth, too?

Every single one of us has a money mindset – these are the beliefs and stories we have regarding money.

These beliefs and stories can either be helpful – so you can attract clients, opportunities and money. Or, your beliefs and stories can be unhelpful – making it difficult to secure clients, opportunities and money.

And, unfortunately for some people, their money mindset is such that it repels clients, opportunities and money.

But, more on that later.

A question my clients often ask me is: “How are our money mindsets developed?”

Our money mindset (the beliefs we have around money) are developed when we are very young  – shaped by what we heard and observed as our parents managed (or in some cases – mismanaged) their money.

Can you remember what you heard your parents say about money as you were growing up?

What about how they managed their money?

My parents had experienced a war, where not only money was scarce – but also food.

Several years later with three young children under foot, they migrated from Holland to New Zealand and had to start over from scratch in a new country with very little. Later when I can along, it meant that the stories I heard growing up were: “You have to work hard and look after your money, because you never know what may happen in the future.”

Every cent was carefully managed and nothing ever went to waste, was what I observed.

So for me, I developed the belief and money mindset that to get anywhere in life, I had to work hard.

Extremely hard – and often exhausting.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to work through a lot of my unhelpful beliefs and repelling money mindset through my training as a Money Mindset Breakthroughs Coach, so that money, opportunities and clients who pay me what I’m worth, is much easier.

Through my work with clients – here are 9 unhelpful money mindsets and beliefs that I often will see that are not magnetic at all and continue to repel opportunities and keep them stuck.

How familiar are they to you?

  1. Prospects won’t see the value and won’t invest in my services
  2. I have to work hard to get new clients
  3. If I get busier I’ll lose my free time
  4. People will judge me and think I’m no good
  5. People won’t be interested in what I have to offer
  6. I’m not worthy
  7. I’ll always struggle to stand out
  8. No matter how hard I try – I just can’t sell
  9. Wanting more money is being selfish

Guess what? [And this is important to know]:

  • If you believe your prospects won’t see the value and won’t invest in you – you’re right.

People you speak to will fail to see the value in your packages and programs and they won’t hire you.

  • If you believe you have to work hard to get new clients – you’re absolutely right.

You’ll have to work hard and every step will feel exhausting and difficult.

  • If you believe you’ll struggle to stand out in the market place – you’re right.

You’ll find it hard to attract the attention of your ideal client and will most likely remain invisible.

I could go on – however I’m sure you’ve got the picture.

Even Henry Ford said:

“If you think you can – if you think you can’t – you’re right!”

Why is this? Because you’ll continue to seek the evidence you need to prove your belief is true.

That’s the way it works.

You see, your values and beliefs are at the core of who you are.

A belief is an internal feeling that something is true for you – even if that belief is untrue, exaggerated and/or irrational. Your beliefs impact the decisions you make and the actions you take – or don’t take. And, the actions you take (or don’t take) impact your outcomes.

If you think people won’t see the value you offer and they won’t hire you, you won’t spend the time you need to properly define your ideal client. You won’t understand their needs and desires, which will prevent you from putting together an irresistible offer, so your prospect won’t resonate with your message and therefore won’t hire you.

Guess what – you’ve just sought out the evidence you needed to confirm your belief is true, which in this case is that no-one will hire you.

Your money mindset/belief creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Is it possible to change this situation?



By changing your beliefs.

Change Your Beliefs –> Change Your Outcome

Let’s try it by changing: No-one will hire me TO “My ideal client will love what I have to offer and will hire me” and see how that can impact your actions and your outcome.


See how powerful it can be?



It’s up to you. Which do you choose – Scenario 1 or 2?



Do you recognise any of these unhelpful money beliefs? What action will you take to change your belief?


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