Out of the hundreds of heart-centered service-based Solopreneurs, coaches and wellness practitioners I speak with, working for themselves (i.e. being their own boss), while being able to MoneyMagnetsupport their clients are two of the main reasons they started their businesses.

However, their passion and enthusiasm soon turned into frustration and exhaustion when they realised just how much work they needed to do to get new clients.

Sadly, despite all their efforts and best intentions, their desire to build the business of their dreams doing what they love remained a dream. A dream that seemed impossible to reach.

Can you relate?

While I’ve written numerous articles that identifies some of the reasons why you may be struggling to get more clients and get paid what you’re worth, which includes:

… here are 3 more reasons why you may be finding it difficult to take your business to the next level.

1. You’re not setting powerful goals

Picture this.

At the end of the year you’re looking forward to your end-of-year holiday.

What do you do?

Do you NOT bother to do any planning, but rather just plan on hopping in the car and driving around aimlessly with no destination in mind, until you find somewhere you like?

Or do you buy yourself a plane ticket to nowhere specific, hoping you’ll land somewhere you’ll like?

Of course you don’t.

In fact, I’m sure you take the time to select your destination, while plan the best way to get you and your family there.

So, isn’t your business just as important?

  • What income goals do you have for the year? Have you broken down your main goal into mini 30-, 60- and/or 90-day goals?
  • What steps will you need to take to help you achieve short- and long-term goals?

I’ve got a great Powerful Bold Goal system, which takes you through the key steps you need to have in place to help you establish powerful and achievable goals for yourself.

You can get a copy of the system in my free Biz Success Kit for Coaches.

2. You’re not paying attention to the numbers

While setting income goals is important, so is tracking your numbers.

Remember, what you put your attention, energy and focus on expands. So it’s important to consistently monitor what’s coming in as far as your sales and other income.

  • How are you tracking toward your 30-, 60- and/or 90-day income goals?
  • Do you need to step up your marketing?
  • What can you change/improve to ensure you get a better result?

If you don’t pay attention to your numbers, how will you know what’s working well, or not?

Pay attention to the numbers – starting today!!!

3. You’re over delivering AND undercharging

Are you putting way more into your coaching packages than what your client has paid for?

While I’m all for delivering great value, there’s a HUGE difference between providing valuable support and giving away so much that you’re undermining and undervaluing your worth.

Undermining your services by over delivering only serves to minimize your self-worth AND your net-worth, as you are strengthening the self-belief that: “clients will only invest in you if you over extend and exhaust yourself, while giving way too much that what they have paid for.”

It’s not doing yourself or your client justice, as you’ll not only become exhausted but also resentful knowing that you’re NOT getting paid what you’re worth.

Yes? [Be honest].

If putting together a program that provides great value for both your clients and yourself is something you struggle with, go ahead and sign up for one of my Business Breakthrough Strategy Sessions.

This is something I love supporting my clients with and I’d love to show you how you can get paid what you’re worth.

After all – you are worth it – aren’t you?


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