If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d have realized by now that I LOVE to speak about the topic of money mindset.MoneyDNA

In particular how the beliefs you have around money, and your overall relationship with money can help (or hinder) you in your journey to build a successful business.

Over the last few months I’ve expanded my work to include the Sacred Money Archetypes. Finding out what your Sacred Money Archetypes are helps you uncover the root cause of the issues you have with money and more importantly – why these issues are occurring, as each money archetypes has its own money gifts, habits/behaviours and challenges.

I refer to this as your Money DNA.

Over the last months or so, I’ve been amazed at how many business owners (who are signing up for a Business Breakthrough Strategy Session) are the Sacred Money Archetype of the Nurturer.

Despite having a passion for their work, they’re struggling in their businesses because they are overworked. They under charge and over deliver – all classic problems that can occur with the Nurturer Sacred Money Archetype.

Because of the Nurturer’s Money DNA, here are some others things that can occur:

  • They can be taken advantage of financially by clients (or others), which leads to feelings of resentment;
  • Stating their fee and asking for what they are worth is often impossible for the Nurturer and requires every ounce of courage;
  • Because of their generosity they often put so much into their programs and are not charging enough for the value they offer…

…just to name a few.

Can you relate to any of these?

If yes, then the Nurturer may also be one of your Sacred Money Archetypes.

As a heart-centered service-based business owner, and Nurturer – it’s only natural to want to provide your clients with incredible value.

Offering high levels of service and value is something all business owners should strive for, however NOT to the detriment of yourself, your health, and your finances.

You shouldn’t be sacrificing ANY of these areas – something which can be very difficult for a Nurturer, especially since their self-worth comes from being compassionate and being of service no-matter-what, for your clients.

So what can a Nurturer (who’s Money DNA is to over service and over deliver) do?

Here are 3 things to get you started immediately for the sake of your health, your finances and the growth of your business:

  1. Understand that you CAN still provide incredible value and support to your clients WHILE also empowering and valuing yourself. That means to ‘charge what you’re worth!’ Don’t sacrifice your health or the growth of your business. You’ll continue to struggle to build your business and you’ll only end up becoming more frustrated and exhausted.
  2. Set the intention that from this day forward you will no longer undervalue your services – ok?! This is a KEY boundary you need to put in place, and one you need to stick to – no matter what.
  3. Decide and take action that you will start to plug up every over-giving and over-delivering money leak in your business. For instance, unpaid client invoices. Or being at the beck and call of people who want to take you to coffee to ‘pick your brain’.

These are just two common money leaks. There are 38 more in my Money Leaks Report. You need to get a copy of this checklist now!

I’m also in the process of putting together my Breakthrough Your Money Dramas eCourse, which will be another great resource if you’re struggling to keep your money dramas at bay.

So, whatever your struggle with money around undervaluing and over delivering – remember the change needs to start with you!

You’re worth it after all – aren’t you? Yes you are!!!


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