Are you actively networking both online and offline as a way to build relationships, find potential clients, marketing your product/services in order to grow your business?

Networking is an important part of any business; however there are tens of thousands of people destroying any possibility of developing solid relationships because they’re not following the fundamental principles of networking.

To ensure you aren’t breaking the golden rules of networking, join Annemarie Cross and Keith Keller as they interview Networking Guru – Ivan Misner, Founder of Business Network International.

Brent Edwards (BNI – Director) and Julie Bielenberg (BNI – Assistant Director) will also be joining the call to share their knowledge about networking and building solid relationships with colleagues and prospective clients.

What do you think? If you found this tips helpful please share them with your network by clicking the 'Like' button and Tweet buttons below. And, as always, please leave your comments below. I'd love to hear how you are going to implement the tips our guests shared on this week's show.

Till next time, have an amazing week!


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