One of my mentors has a saying that has struck a chord with me over the past few weeks. She says, “How we show up in one area of our life often shows up in other areas as well.” Wow, she was right.

In my last newsletter I explained how I was experiencing difficulty completing various tasks because I was getting quite distracted with other ideas that would take my attention off what I was working on. It wasn’t till I sat down and identified six areas where I was letting things slip through the cracks that I realised why this was happening. Thank goodness I now have a solid plan and process that helps me remain focused and on track.

Doing some soul searching, I recognised another area in my life where I was not truly honouring myself and it was really starting to bug me – health and fitness. Health and wellbeing is extremely important to me, however because I was so busy, my attention was being taken away from the importance of ensuring I looked after myself, especially with the food I was choosing to consume and the exercise (or should I say – minimal exercise) that I was doing.

Not anymore! I have hired a Health & Fitness Coach as a support person and accountability partner, so that over the next 12 weeks I can create positive habits that will support me in honoring my health and wellbeing.

I’m excited as I know that with this support system in place – I’m going to achieve my goals. Here’s to achieving your goals and showing up the best you can be – in all areas of your life! What areas of your life are you not showing up fully?


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