Do ItI’m currently in week three of the 9-week Fast Video Results course, which I’m thoroughly enjoying! Check out my first video creation here – I’m quite impressed with how it turned out, if I do say so!

Anyway, this week we have to get in front of the camera and start filming ourselves, and to be honest, I’m a little hesitant to do so. The thought of having to watch myself while I’m editing the footage is something that I really don’t want to do.

Even with my radio show (that I’ve co-hosted for the last two years) I could count the number of times that I’ve listened to even a small part of a show on one hand, as I don’t really like listening to the sound of my own voice.

I know that I’m going to have to ‘deal’ with this pronto and confront whatever reasons that are holding me back, as I’m not going to progress as best I can in the video course if I’m hesitant to get in front of the camera.

Three words that I find very motivating are the words Nike using as their brand statement – ‘Just do it!’ Stop judging myself, stop aiming for perfection and just work towards completion. Just do it! Just do it! Just do it! That’s going to be my mantra as I move forward!

What about you? Is there something that you’ve been avoiding that you just need to go out and DO! Remember, completion NOT perfection. JUST DO IT!

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Have an inspired week!


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