ComputerTroubleAs someone who likes to view ‘situations that didn’t turn out as expected’ as opportunities for learning and personal growth – the last few weeks have certainly provided me with more than enough ‘learning and growth’ opportunities.

I’ve been working on a series of videos, which unfortunately I haven’t been able to edit, due to software freezing continuously. After numerous desperate emails to colleagues (who I thought may be able to shed some light on what I could do) and conversations with computer technicians – it turns out that I need to upgrade my RAM.

Lessons that I’ve learned:

  1. Glaring at the computer doesn’t help the situation;
  2. Being patient and being comfortable with the feeling of un-comfortableness (is there such a word); and
  3. There’s always a way Smiley

What about you? Are you faced with a situation that is causing you frustration, stress and anxiety? While you may think that things are beyond your control – what steps can you take (or what support can you ask for from your mentor/colleagues) that can help you change the situation to achieve a better outcome and one that you desire?

Me? I ordered the RAM yesterday; it has arrived today; and will be installed in the next half hour so I can continue my editing!

Have an inspired week!


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