SystemsOne of the branding programs I take clients through (the ‘Unearth Your Brilliance’ program) incorporates a section: Branding with Archetypes, which enables them to put their heart and soul into their brands by discovering their Primary and Influencing Archetypes.

It’s powerful information that not only provides amazing insight into your authentic and unique brand; it also identifies your natural gifts and talents as well as areas of weakness that can impact your business’s growth.

Anyway, my Primary Archetype is the Explorer (we love to support our clients in discovering their unique brilliance and originality) and my Influencing Archetype is the Ruler (which empowers leadership, prosperity and success in others).

As a Ruler Archetype I also love to create order and therefore value having systems and processes in place to keep me focused and on track.

I was reminded this week of how powerfully my Ruler Archetype shows up for me in my business, when I began to feel quite overwhelmed by the number of projects I was involved in. After stepping back and observing the situation from a distance, I was able to see that the reason I was feeling overwhelmed was because I had no system or structure in place to help me manage my hectic project schedule.

As soon as I recognised this, I created a Powerful Bold Goal for each of the projects I was working on. This is a tool I use which allows me to get totally clear on what I am working on, as well as the steps that will support me in achieving my goal.

[I’ll be speaking more about this powerful tool in upcoming newsletters and within my soon-to-be–launched Rubies: Biz Acceleration Coaching Club. For all of you who have a little of the Ruler Archetype in you and therefore need systems and processes to keep you focused and on track – you’ll love the Powerful Bold Goal tool.

Here’s to setting up systems and processes to keep you on track and focused!

Want to find out what your Brand Archetype is? Click here.


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