covering earsIt wasn’t until after I completed my NLP training (some years ago now) that I realised how much we can be impacted by the things that we surround ourselves with and subject ourselves to.

Whether we realise it or not, the beliefs and values other people hold, what they say and how they react to things can in some way or another, impact the way in which we see and experience the world and more importantly, how we feel.

One of my acquaintances is returning to Australia after a stint overseas and in the last few weeks has been in contact with me on quite a number of occasions via phone and email. What I have noticed each time I get off the phone with this person, is that my energy levels have dropped quite significantly. I feel fatigued by listening to (or reading about) the issues and problems this person has going on in their life.

Thank goodness my NLP training has provided me with some powerful tools to ensure that I don’t take on board their ‘stuff’ but rather am able to ‘cancel and erase’ what I have heard before they can have any negative impact. I still have to make a concerted effort to refocus my attention on what I was working on prior to speak to this person, otherwise I can quite easily get wound up in what we had been talking about, which doesn’t serve me well at all.

What about you? Are you taking heed of what (or whom) you are surrounding yourself with? Do the people you associate with tend to drag you down due to their outlook on life and the topics they choose to speak about? Or do you feel inspired, motivated and uplifted? I know which I’d rather feel.

Here’s to surrounding yourself with positive and inspired people!


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