Podcasting for Service-based Businesses: The How and Why

Recently I had the honour of being interviewed by Steve Mills on his show: Results Podcast.

We spoke about how to leverage a podcast to generate leads and business from their podcast, the common mistakes businesses make when it comes to podcasting, and what they need to do to ensure they generate the best results from their podcast.

One question he asked was: “How do you make sure you deliver really good content in a really good way.”

A great question, which I answer in this snippet video. [Transcript of snippet, along with the full interview below.]



What would your tips be in terms of making sure your podcast when you press that button and turn it on that you deliver, you know, really good content in a really good way?


One of the things that I learned years ago, as part of my business training was around communication and recognizing the different styles of communication, and how visual communicators, we need to know straight away.

  • What are the things that I’m going to take away from this?
  • What am I going to learn?
  • Why should I give my attention.

And so one of the things I say with podcasting and how you communicate, especially in a very busy, crowded space, you need to let people know right up front, what it is that they’re going to learn.

There is room for banter. But again, if we look at the customer journey, where are you going to be using your podcast? In particular as  far as the customer journey? Where are you going to use it?

For people who don’t yet know you will, then you would not spend a lot of time bantering? Because I don’t know you yet. And I don’t care what you’re doing on the weekend, what I do care about is this, this information going to be relevant.

But if I’ve done business with you, and I know who you are, and I really like you, and I want to spend a bit of time for you. I don’t mind if you share that because I’m actually interested in you as an individual, which is why I’m investing with you.

So if you’re tending to use it for already engaged audience, and maybe we’re the inside a closed group that you’re already nurturing and working with going to be coming completely different as far as topic is concerned.

And as far information is concerned, I always let people know right at the onset – this is my introduction:

  • What are they going to learn – the three key points, if they give me their attention for that half an hour.
  • So these are the things that my guest and I are going to talk about, this is what you’re going to walk away with, and then I’m pretty much straight into the interview.


Watch the full interview:


Have you started a podcast? What results have you seen? Are you considering a podcast? What additional questions do you have?

Let me know in the comments below!


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